6 Costa Rica Dishes that You Should eat

Costa Rica is a great option to visit when we talk about traveling to Central America, it not only has beautiful national parks and beaches that make any tourist who is lucky enough to visit them fall in love, but also has a gastronomy capable of delighting the palate of their own and strangers, and ...


Costa Rica: 6 Beaches You Need to Visit

We all love going to beaches, some people do it during summertime, some others go pretty much any day they want to, and why not? "Beach" and "fun" are two words that can be found in the same sentence quite often, that’s why it is so easy to find beach lovers in a lot of ...


Festivals and Cultural Celebrations in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country located in Central America and, like many of the Latin countries, it presents several and important events or celebrations that reflect the culture and feelings of the Costa Rican people. Many of these celebrations also show the beliefs and ideologies of its populations, especially with the religious festivities.   Likewise, ...


Manuel Anotonio National Park

The Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica is one of the most visited natural conservation areas in the South Pacific and Central America. Specifically it is located in the province of Puntarenas, which is, in turn, a large area of ​​land with incredible white sand beaches. Best of all, these beaches are protected by ...



Monteverde, more than a city, is a town with certain commodities, it is a beautiful place on the western slope of the Tillarán mountain range, it is a town that is located in the mountainous area of ​​northwestern Costa Rica. This area is well known for the biodiversity of its cloudy forests.   The famous ...


Corcovado National Park

It is located on the Pacific coast, 335 km from San José, on the southwest side of the Osa Peninsula. Corcovado National Park is the largest of the 27 national parks that comprise the Costa Rican Fund of the National Park System, which spans more than 263 square miles.   How to get?   It ...


Poás Volcano National Park

Nature; It is the harmonic combination between living beings and inert matter, thus forming a physical and tangible organism developed from consequent events, which lead to the formation of incredible and impressive phenomena, such as "El volcan Poas", located in the province of Alajuela in the northern part of Costa Rica.   El Poás is ...


Traditional food of Costa Rica

We all love food, right? It’s one of the best experiences in the world if you know where to look at: there are so many cultures out there that have experimented with food and come up with some of the best dishes that you are ever going to enjoy. This is particularly true in Latin ...


10 Tips you should know before travelling to Costa Rica

If you are preparing yourself to travel to Costa Rica, there are so many things that you should know as tourism in this country of Central America has changed so much in the last years and every day it becomes more popular not only for Latin-Americans also for the Europeans and Americans. Of course, it’s ...


Best cities in Costa Rica

Beaches, sun, sand, forests, volcanoes, not everything is about natural places to start an adventure. Costa Rica can be well known for being a tropical paradise and one of the most beloved tourist destinations for visitors, but not everything is about that, Costa Rica is not just a beach, like Venezuela, Caracas is one of ...


Cultural and recreational centers of Costa Rica

It is well known that one of the best ways to know the history of a country is to visit those emblematic places that teach us more about the culture of a place. Costa Rica is rich in culture traditions and stories, the passing of the years has left its mark on this tropical paradise ...


National Parks in Costa Rica

Located in Central America, Costa Rica is known for its variety when it comes to tourism, a nation rich in culture, architecture, tropical forests, the best sunsets without mentioning better beaches in the Caribbean Sea. Costa Rica is made at home for all tastes, the impressive flora and fauna that accompanies it has a real ...


A Paradise for Surf Lovers

Costa Rica, as the name implies, is a country rich in natural beauty, where visitors can enjoy a wide variety of attractions, microclimates and ecosystems. But, unquestionably among the attractions of this beautiful country located in the heart of Central America, its numerous beaches stand out, which are considered the best in the world, due ...


The Wonders of Fire of Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, in addition to finding beautiful beaches and a great variety of flora and fauna, more than 200 volcanic formations are present in its territory, existing thanks to the fact that the country is located above the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire. The spectacular diversity of volcanoes captivates not only the attention of ...


Costa Rica: ideal place for ecotourism

Without a doubt, Costa Rica is a country where the maximum expression of nature is found, thanks to the extraordinary biodiversity of its territory. For those who decide to do ecological tourism, Costa Rica represents the perfect place for that purpose, since the country has 29 natural parks, 19 wildlife refuges, 8 biological reserves and ...



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