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Understanding the Best Things to Do in Costa Rica

Are you ready to find your Pura Vida? This Costa Rican slogan means Pure Life. It beckons all who visit to make the most the time for whatever makes them the happiest. For some, it’s the ultimate thrill of a volcano zip line for others a relaxing beach. The right way to find yours is ...


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Planning Ollie’s Point & Witch’s Rock Surf Trip

Costa Rica is the home to the well-known Ollie’s Point and Witch’s rock. Both are word class breaks are considered to be every surfer’s dream. Their awesome waves and inaccessibility make them both favorite destinations for surfing enthusiasts of every kind.   Located in Santa Rosa National Park, the easiest and quickest way to experience ...


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Taking Diving Tour to Tortuga Island

Tortuga Island is a quintessential tropical paradise based on the Nicoya Peninsular. This region is a wonderful haven for divers, surfers and just anyone wants to relax in azure waters and play around the sandy beaches under the glare of the magnificent Caribbean sun.   Diving in Costa Rica seems like swimming in a glass ...


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Planning for Mountain Bike Tour in Arenal Volcano

Planning for vacation getaway in Costa Rica? Well-known for its jaw-dropping landscapes and adventure-filled activities for travelers of all ages, Arenal Volcano is on most travelers’ Costa Rica bucket list. Blessed with lush jungle, roaring rivers, and volcanoes, there’s no denying Arenal is the adventure capital of Costa Rica that worth a visit.   La ...


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Relax and Rejuvenate with Our Costa Rica Hot Springs Tours

The Costa Rica hot springs tourswe offer at Tour Operators CR are the ultimate way to attain relaxation and rejuvenation. And it is an undeniable fact! Another fact that makes hot springs in Costa Rica popular is that for more than 200 years the mineral-laden waters of these hot springs have been used for therapeutic ...


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Costa Rica guided Tours Are Just Prefer for Family Outings

For families, exploring an overseas land like Costa Rica is the ultimate vacationing experience. A Costa Rica trip is not just a vacation; it is an excellent chance to lean precious life experience while having fun along the way.   However, it is not very easy to plan a Costa Rica family vacation, especially if ...


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Planning for Horseback Riding Tours in Costa Rica

The diverse, beautiful landscape and extraordinary biodiversity of Costa Rica are worth to be explored and enjoyed in many ways. However, there’s something to be said for the serene nature along the beaches, mountains, near waterfalls or the volcanoes while vacationing in Costa Rica!   There is so much to see and do in Costa ...


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10 Popular Hotels in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful slice of the Central American paradise and has long been on the bucket list of eco-conscious travelers and surfing enthusiasts from all across the globe. The diverse landscape comprises of the spectacular mountainous rainforests, white-sand beaches and the volcanic wonders.   From the capital city of San Jose – filled ...


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6 Best Wild Species to Spot on Costa Rica Vacation

When venturing into the wilderness of Costa Rica, there is a huge assort of wildlife species waiting for you to be explored. To make the most out of exploring the wildlife species, you can consider booking travel packages to Costa Rica. Take a look at the list showcasing the awe-inspiring animals in Costa Rica:   ...


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Top 10 Rich Celebrities Love to Visit Costa Rica

One that doesn’t, he or she has to visit Costa Rica in the future!   Costa Rica is a spectacular destination for the rich and famous. The tropical paradise is blessed with some of the magnificent destinations around the world. The main reasons why Central American country is a popular destination for celebrities, amazing flora ...


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The Tropical Film Sets in Costa Rica

Costa Rica and Central America are not exactly famed for their colorful cinematic backdrop. When you look back down the years, you will find a good selection of films in Costa Rica and the neighboring countries Panama, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. The list of tropical film sets ranges from the classics, to the unknown and downright ...


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10 Best Beaches to Visit in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is tucked between the magnificent shorelines of the Pacific and the Caribbean Ocean. With beautiful expansive shorelines, the beaches in Costa Rica are diverse offering exceptional and different personalities to delight visitors of every kind. Every beachgoer will find something interesting in Costa Rica.   Costa Rica is a beautiful white sand paradise ...


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14 Best National Parks to Explore in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the home to lush primary virgin rainforests and a diverse system of freshwater and marine resources. It has 28 national parks and three of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you are embarking on a Costa Rica getaway, please check out the list of the most popular national parks and reserves ...


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Costa Rica Tour Packages at Tour Operators CR – Exploring Costa Rica in the Most Convenient Way!

Lush rainforests spilling onto the pristine golden sand beaches, the roaring waves pecking the shore, divers plunging deep into the ocean, surfers riding the waves, monkeys shouting from the tree tops, bubbling volcanoes erupting over the valleys, fluttering butterflies across the flowers covering the mountains, spectacular sunrise and sunsets and the beautiful nights lit up ...


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5 Tips to Select Best Costa Rica Vacation Packages

No matter how many beaches you walk down, how many mountains you climb, how many oceans you explore, how many sunsets you watch, nowhere seems to steer your soul like Costa Rica. The lush jungle spills onto the golden sand beaches, crash waves kiss the shore, divers plunging deep into the ocean, surfers hiding in ...



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