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The Tropical Film Sets in Costa Rica

Costa Rica and Central America are not exactly famed for their colorful cinematic backdrop. When you look back down the years, you will find a good selection of films in Costa Rica and the neighboring countries Panama, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. The list of tropical film sets ranges from the classics, to the unknown and downright ...


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10 Best Beaches to Visit in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is tucked between the magnificent shorelines of the Pacific and the Caribbean Ocean. With beautiful expansive shorelines, the beaches in Costa Rica are diverse offering exceptional and different personalities to delight visitors of every kind. Every beachgoer will find something interesting in Costa Rica.   Costa Rica is a beautiful white sand paradise ...


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14 Best National Parks to Explore in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the home to lush primary virgin rainforests and a diverse system of freshwater and marine resources. It has 28 national parks and three of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you are embarking on a Costa Rica getaway, please check out the list of the most popular national parks and reserves ...


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Costa Rica Tour Packages at Tour Operators CR – Exploring Costa Rica in the Most Convenient Way!

Lush rainforests spilling onto the pristine golden sand beaches, the roaring waves pecking the shore, divers plunging deep into the ocean, surfers riding the waves, monkeys shouting from the tree tops, bubbling volcanoes erupting over the valleys, fluttering butterflies across the flowers covering the mountains, spectacular sunrise and sunsets and the beautiful nights lit up ...


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5 Tips to Select Best Costa Rica Vacation Packages

No matter how many beaches you walk down, how many mountains you climb, how many oceans you explore, how many sunsets you watch, nowhere seems to steer your soul like Costa Rica. The lush jungle spills onto the golden sand beaches, crash waves kiss the shore, divers plunging deep into the ocean, surfers hiding in ...


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Know the Best Things to Do In Costa Rica with Tour Operators CR

Costa Rica is undoubtedly blessed with nature’s best gifts such as diverse landscapes and natural wonders that offer adventure, relaxation, romance as well as exploration. A country that is about one-third the size of England is packed with a lot of stuffs. From Manuel Antonio National Park, active volcanoes to stunning beaches, rainforests, breathtaking wildlifeand ...


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The Unforgettable Experiences of Costa Rica Family Vacation

While some countries may boast wildlife nature reserves and beautiful landscapes, Costa Rica is considered as the nature sanctuary of the world. This country is the closest thing the modern world has to the Garden of Eden.   Preserved within the borders, approximately the size of the state of West Virginia, Costa Rica is 5% ...


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5 Best Reasons to Book Costa Rica Vacations in 2018

A couple of millennia ago, a Roman philosopher – Seneca said “Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind”. In fact, travel boosts, reinvigorates, and expanses not just our mind, but our senses, and bodies to the fullest. If you’re on a quest to maintain work-life balance, Costa Rica vacations are really ...


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Travel around Costa Rican Volcanoes with Our Exclusive Volcanoes Tour Package

Feel intrigued when think of volcanoes? There is a kind of scary feeling yet an excitement to explore volcanoes? Then our volcanoes tour package in Costa Rica at Tour Operators CR is meant for you! We make sure you enjoy each bit of the tour to the fullest. Costa Rica contains over 60 volcanoes among ...


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Immerse in the Costa Rica World of Wellness Spa

Just imagine hearing the lapping of waves, the rustle of tree leaves in the breeze, the howl of monkeys and harmonized bird songs, the light audible sound of mediation while immersing in the world of wellness spa. Imagine vacationing in a state of complete relaxation after a long adventure tours, beach days!   Apart from ...


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10 Best Reasons to Embark on Costa Rica Adventure Tours

The rain-forested, rugged Central American paradise – Costa Rica, boasts Pacific and Caribbean coastlines and well-known for its awe-inspiringly beautiful beaches. Around one quarter of the country comprises of protected jungle, incredibly rich with wildlife. This is why Costa Rica is one of the most diverse countries all over the planet.   Costa Rica is ...


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Have a Luxurious Time in Arenal with Our Partnered Hotels

Arenal Volcano, one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica is the youngest volcano with an estimated age of less than 7500 years. The lake and the forest vistas are fascinating. The access to the rainforest, a volcano, waterfalls, the largest lake of the country, and a diverse range of hotels in Arenal, has ...


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Relish the True Essence of Nature with Our Customized Costa Rica Tour Packages

lush jungles, stunning beaches and more! Then, make Costa Rica your next destination that is an eco-friendly, full of natural elegance yet affordable. For a better exploration you can choose our Costa Rica tour packages. We at Tour Operators CR offer customized package that covers jungle, beaches and the cloud forest which makes your tour ...


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Uncover the Costa Rican Hidden Delights of Guanacaste

The sun-splashed beaches and the magnificent Pacific surf make Costa Rica’s north-western province – Guanacaste a paradise for visitors from across the world. The dry tropical climate of the region incorporates a varied landscape.   The picturesque white sand beaches line the coast and to the east, the Guanacaste province is the home to fascinating ...


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The Fun-Filled Activities to Experience in Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo is a burgeoning party town in Costa Rica and is no longer a paradise for intrepid surfers only as it’s bustling with tourist activities. The magnificent town manages to hold onto an easy charm.   When you’re on a Puerto Viejo tour, you will find yourself on a sleepy dirt road and savour ...



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