Monteverde, more than a city, is a town with certain commodities, it is a beautiful place on the western slope of the Tillarán mountain range, it is a town that is located in the mountainous area of ​​northwestern Costa Rica. This area is well known for the biodiversity of its cloudy forests.

The famous Monteverde Cloudy Forest Biological Reserve houses a host of wild species, such as jaguars, ocelots and splendid quetzales with colorful feathers. The marked trails of the reserve cross fields of ferns and orchids, and at the top of the area there are suspension bridges to walk over the forest cover.

This is well known for being one of the most visited places, since Monteverde is home to one of the most rare and unique habitats on the planet, the cloud forest and an amazing variety of flora and fauna.

How to get to Monteverde?

Monteverde is 150 km northwest of San José.

It belongs to the Cordillera de Tilarán and its climate is cold due to the height, so it is recommended to bring warm clothes, protection against cold and rain.

When you visit the area, you can see why the name “Monteverde” is given to it. While traveling to this small town, it is highly recommended that you take time to stop and admire the view of its green hills and recondite communities that extend along the entire route.

Things to do at Monteverde

Try the best cheese in the country:

Quite so!! Cheese! You cannot say that you met Monteverde if you did not get to try the cheese that this beautiful town offers to its visitors.

In addition to having a production away from the procedures of large-scale industries, which provide negative impacts to the nature, they offer you a bilingual tour to the Monteverde Cheese Factory where you will learn about the history of their community and learn how the different types of cheeses that are so famous in the country are produced. So you cannot stay with the craving, and the curiosity to know how are that famous cheeses of Monteverde.

The horseback riding in Monteverde: It’s the most fantastic experience. Riding in open green areas, and trails in the cloud forest will give you an idea of ​​what it was like to live in this area in the old days when the Quakers arrived.

You will have the opportunity to visit a private reserve (since none of the most known protected areas of Monteverde allows the presence of horses on the trails) very close to the Continental Division, where the exquisite landscapes are combined with stunning views of the nearby mountain ranges and, on clear days, the Arenal volcano and the lake from a distance.

But besides these secondary activities in Monteverde there are some activities that are considered the most famous in the area and for which it is well known, Monteverde is a place for all kinds of public;

If you are one of those who likes calm and enjoy nature, in this place you can discover natural beauties, diverse fauna and in turn take pictures of what you want, and if you want to get more diversity in species in terms of flora you can go to hummingbird gardens or the herpetario.

Some of the activities that may be conducive to you if you have this type of tourism vision, are the following:

Bird watching: Colors that will flutter in your memory Literally, Monteverde is a space full of colors; It is inhabited by at least 400 species of birds, so some reserves and establishments offer activities related to birdwatching. Among these tropical birds, the wonderful quetzal and the frantic hummingbird stand out.

Observation of amphibians and reptiles: If you want to learn more about amphibians and reptiles, Monteverde is the best place to do it. The wildlife of the area is very rich, so that just by hiking, you will be fascinated by finding animals that you never saw so closely. But you can also take advantage of the offer of some establishments. For example, the herbarium of Selvatura Park, where the guides will teach you to admire the beauty of frogs, lizards, geckos, snakes and other 30 native species.

But, if instead, you are someone more adventurous and you want more extreme experiences full of adrenaline, which totally take you out of your comfort zone, venture into zipline or canopy circuits; or on the routes of suspension bridges.

Some of the activities that may be conducive to you if you have this type of tourism vision, are the following:

Tarzan Swing: It is a cloudy forest with exuberant beauty and this activity offered in almost all the adventure parks in the area, which emulates the balancing of Tarzan in the jungle vines.

Hanging bridges: Walking at 60 m high, enjoying the climate of the Monteverde cloudy forest, watching birds and other wildlife species, with the thrill of overcoming the fear of hanging bridges, but with all the necessary security; If you visit the biological reserve, you should not miss this experience, perfect to complement zipline or canopy tour circuits. With this adventure package, you can enjoy both activities.

Zip line or canopy: This is the queen of the adventures in Monteverde: observe the forest, while you glide safely on a cable of hundreds of meters, between two large trees. The offer of zipline or canopy tour circuits has grown in the cloud forest, due to the demand of domestic and foreign tourists.

When you arrive in Monteverde, you will realize that every second is worth it, especially if you are a lover of nature, ecotourism, adventures and extreme emotions. There are several offers of adventure parks that offer unforgettable activities in Monteverde. Here I recommend one of the most recognized national and international parks.

Forecasts to take before going to Monteverde:

Some other recommendations:

  • Sports jacket covers mosquitoes and other insects and is very warm.
  • Mountain boots, or sports boots in good condition
  • Bring hydration, and where to recharge

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