Best Things to do in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

A laid back beach town situated along the turquoise Caribbean Sea in southeastern Costa Rica, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca offers an incredibly unique culture that cannot be found anywhere else in the country. Colorful homes, coconut rice, Reggaeton beats, and a laid back attitude are the highlights of this town. However, one can take delight in the spectacular views of beaches, lush jungle, an array of restaurants and lively nightlife here as well. And all this make Puerto Viejo de Talamanca an astonishing destination to explore.


Are you planning a visit to this laid back but beautiful beach town? We at Tour Operators CR have enlisted the best five things to do in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca to make your tour in the town enjoyable and hassle-free. Have a look!

Kayaking & Snorkeling at Manzanillo

Jaguar Rescue Center and Chocolate

Caribbean Canopy and Zipline

Caribbean Horseback Riding

Full Day Jungle Adventure

Cahuita Snorkeling and rainforest hike

Gandoca Manzanillo Refuge Jungle Hike

Pacuare River Rafting Class III-IV

Cahuita Boat, Hike and Snorkel

Punta Uva sea kayak & rainforest hike

Chocolate Forest Experience

Overnight Expedition in Tortuguero National Park


The topmost attraction of Puerto Viejo is the sea turtle haven in Costa Rica i.e., the Tortuguero National Park. An overnight expedition in this remote national park is something that cannot be missed when in Costa Rica. The Tortuguero National Park can only be accessed by boat. Here, you will get an opportunity to explore the unadulterated and pure rainforest along with an abundance of exotic wildlife, including the native sloths and monkeys enjoying at the treetops. Tortuguero National Park is also often known as “Place of the Turtles” as nesting of sea turtles can be seen the best here in entire Costa Rica.


However, Tortuguero is not just known for sea turtles! You can find eleven different habitats in the Tortuguero canals that include lagoons, hidden canals, swamps, beaches, and mangrove forests. Here you can relish the beauty of the channels by kayak, go for an enthralling nature hike off the beaten path, as well as visit the picturesque Tortuguero Village.


White Water Rafting in Rio Pacuare


When you are in Costa Rica, missing out the white water rafting experience is unjustified. It is the second most essential things to do in Puerto Viejo. White water rafting the Rio Pacuare River is a thrilling, exciting, and fun-filled adventure for any skill level. The Pacuare River is 18 miles long that runs through 52 class III and IV white water rapids as well as directly through a waterfall in Costa Rica. Apart from the white water rafting adventure, here you can explore the lush jungle, stunning river gorges, and abundant wildlife that include colorful frogs, Morpho butterflies, sloths, parrots, and toucans.


And if you are new to the world of rafting, then you need to take the safety instructions quite seriously. You can also find a number of safety kayakers supporting rafters like you and exploring the rapids. Usually, the initial hours of rapids are meant for honing your skills and getting comfortable with rafting. During this phase, you can enjoy the picturesque sceneries and wildlife in the best possible way before plunging into some serious and wild rapids. Here, experiencing the class IV water rapids down the Pacuare River gorge is the most exclusive things to try. Apart from that, a natural shower under the 150 foot, high Huacas Waterfall is a must to enjoy the experience.


Snorkeling and Hiking in Cahuita National Park


Snorkeling and hiking Cahuita National Park are the third most amazing things to do in Puerto Viejo. This national park can be explored via land as well as sea and hence allows you to discover the best of both the worlds along with allowing you to view the exotic wildlife. A half-day tour in Cahuita offers you a fun-filled experience along with an opportunity to enjoy an afternoon surfing session!


Two different reefs in Cahuita National Park are the best spots for snorkeling. Here you can take delight in viewing a ton of sea life that includes 44 species of crustaceans, 35 different species of corals, 140 shellfish and more than a hundred species of fish. If you are lucky enough, you can also get a glimpse of a nurse shark relaxing on the sandy end.


After enjoying snorkeling, you can relax on the beach and enjoy some of the delicious Costa Rican tropical fruits. Next adventure that you must try here is hiking the national park. Here the hiking trails are flat, dense with natural habitats and less crowded as compared too other Costa Rican national parks. During the hike take delight in viewing the incredible and innumerable wildlife such as monkeys, sloths, frogs, and tropical birds. Our tour guides will help you spot the different animals during the hike!


Kayaking and Hiking in Punta Uva


Another incredible thing to try out in Puerto Viejo is kayaking and hiking in Punta Uva. It is the favorite thing to do for most of the locals here. What makes it different from the rest of the activities is that this eco-adventure comprises of river kayaking on the Punta Uva River, sea kayaking on the Caribbean along with a hike through the lush tropical rainforest.


The tour begins with a picturesque drive to the southern tip of the bay for sea kayaking on the Caribbean which is the hotspot for sea turtles! After enjoying a short sea kayaking around Punta Uva, you will be kayaking into the mouth of the Punta Uva River. Here you can find exceptional wildlife that includes howler monkeys and sloth relaxing in the tree canopy. You can also discover small crocodiles swimming close to you along with freshwater turtles on the logs while navigating your kayak up the narrow river!


After the enticing kayaking experience, now it’s the turn of hiking trails navigating the crest surrounding Punta Uva to take you to relish the spectacular view of the bay. While making your way back to the Punta Uva Beach, you will have an encounter with the howler monkeys and other exotic wildlife in the canopy.


Veragua Rainforest Aerial Tram and Nature Park


Veragua Rainforest Park is a natural wonderland that is accessible to everyone. Touring this beautiful rainforest park is the most popular cruise ship excursion in Puerto Viejo. Here at Veragua Rainforest Park, you get an opportunity to explore the rainforest canopy at eye level through aerial tram. Apart from the alluring views from an aerial tram, there is a frog habitat, butterfly garden, insect museum, hiking trails, and a zip line tour that will keep you engaged throughout!


If you have a keen interest in knowing the biodiversity, wildlife, and history of this rainforest park in detail, then the biologists provide educational programs at Veragua. Enjoy a journey through 3400 acres of wild flora and fauna along with viewing monkeys, birds, and sloths at the treetops. Also take delight in easy hikes through the rivers, waterfalls and tropical wildlife residing in the protected jungle area. The best part here is most of the trails are handicap accessible!


Besides these, at Tour Operators CR we offer several other exciting tours and activities in Puerto Viejo such as Kayaking and Snorkeling at Manzanillo, Tour in Jaguar Rescue Center and Chocolate, Caribbean Horseback Riding, Gandoca Manzanillo Refuge Jungle Hike as well as Chocolate Forest Experience.


So if you want to experience the best things to do in Puerto Viejo, then make us your tour partner, and we assure you won’t be disappointed! Contact us today!


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