Monteverde – A Classic Cloud Forest in Costa Rica

Tours and Activities in Monteverde is popular for a reason – its cloud forests are overflowing with plants & animals, its zip lines & suspension bridges are the longest & most exhilarating in the country, and its coffee is local, tasty and inexpensive. It is also famous for Skyline adventure or Horse trekking adventures.  Each of these diversions and also countless other activities in Monteverde can be relished with our private tour guide. Our professionally operated tours are both educational & entertaining, and make sure that participants will come back home with more knowledge and fun than they walked in with.

Monteverde, with its perfect atmospheric conditions remains covered by clouds consistently. The clouds cover the forests in a fog which then rolls through the dense vegetation hence making the entire atmosphere mesmerizingly covered in a blanket of dew. This wet blanket of dew is responsible for promoting the bewildering biodiversity especially within the plant kingdom of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, and the Curi-Cancha Reserve.

To make your tour in Monteverde hassle-free and enjoyable we at Tour Operators CR offer a wide range of guided tours. Have a look at the things that you can do with our guided tours below.

Go For Bird Watching

Monteverde is the home to more than 400 different species of birds and the place where you can enjoy bird watching the best is the Curi-Cancha Reserve. Get an opportunity to see some of the most incredible birds of Costa Rica including the resplendent quetzal, keel-billed toucan, blue-crowned motmot, orange-bellied trogon along with a diversity of hummingbirds and other species with our guided bird watching tour.

Hike the Cloud Forest

Among the various other things to do in Monteverde, going for a hike through the cloud forest is one of the most spectacular activities. You will find a number of well-maintained and easily walkable trails throughout each of the reserves. Most of the trails range from one to three miles approx. You can either opt for a self-guided hiking tour or a professional guided one. Whichever hiking tour you may choose, but ultimately you will have a magical experience. Our expert tour guides at Tour Operators CR make sure to let you enjoy the best cloud forest hiking experience.

Make a Visit to Frog Pond 

A visit to the Monteverde Frog Pond is an educational tour that we offer to let you see 25 different species of Costa Rican frogs and toads. In this tour you will be learning about the habitats, diet, behaviors, reproduction, and factors that threaten the amphibian population. This tour also emphasizes on the conservation of frogs and toads. The best time for making a visit to the frog pond is in the evening as the amphibians are more active and vocal at this time.

Enjoy at a Monteverde Butterfly Garden

One of the most popular attractions in Monteverde is the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens situated between the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Here you can find four different climate controlled butterfly gardens, a biodiversity center, a medical plant garden, and a leaf-cutter ant terrarium. Take delight in spending time in these gardens and relishing the beauty of more than 50 species of butterflies from varied ecosystems in Costa Rica. The gardens also offer volunteer programs for admirers looking for proactive experiences with the butterflies.

Fall in Love with the Orchids

You can discover more than 1,400 species of orchids grown in Costa Rica. Out of these, 500 species can be found in Monteverde. The Monteverde Orchid House displays 426 species of orchids growing. Take a 30 to 60 minutes tour through the gardens to learn everything about the orchids from their origination to cultivation and everything in between.

Take a Walk through the Treetops

Experiencing the cloud forest becomes even more interesting with a walk through the Selvatura treetop suspension bridges. Eight suspension bridges are there which are connected through walking trails. By taking a walk through the treetops you get an opportunity to see monkeys, sloths, birds, and beautiful flora from above. Experience the shade of green, take a breath in the freshest air and experience a mesmerizing forest fantasy.

Take a Horseback Ride through the Cloud Forest

Although horseback rides are not permitted within the reserves in Monteverde, but you can find a plenty of trails and tours through the cloud forest which are outside the protected reserves. The guided horseback rides are an incredible and gentle way to explore the green mountain forests along with viewing the different kinds of flora and fauna.

Relax in the Beauty of the San Luis Waterfall

Located on the outskirts of the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, the San Luis waterfall is a 330 foot high waterfall. To reach the humongous waterfall you can either hike the waterfall for about three hours or take a horse ride or taxi to the San Luis research station and hike down the final 45 minutes. Take a refreshing dip in the waterfall pool, admire the incredibility of the waterfall and the surrounding greenery or enjoy a picnic once you reach the waterfall.

Explore the forest at night

The Monteverde animals are mostly nocturnal, so a night walk through the cloud forest is an incredible way to explore the incredible wildlife of the region. Our professional tour guide will take you on the walk through the cloud forest and point out all sorts of wildlife there. A night tour is the most amazing way to see the wildlife never seen before!

Go for a coffee, chocolate and sugarcane tour

Learn all about the Costa Rican Don Juan coffee, chocolates and sugarcane in this tour. This tour will also allow you to take a traditional oxcart ride and learn about harvesting sugarcane and the traditional sugar extraction process. Enjoy a glass of sweet sugarcane juice, a cup of freshly brewed coffee from the plantation and delicious chocolates.

Besides these you can also try ATV tour in Monteverde, bat jungle tour and Trapiche tour in Monteverde with us.

As far as the where to stay in Monteverde, Costa Rica is concerned we at Tour Operators CR have a number of options with us. Whether you are looking for budget hotels/lodges or luxury ones we can arrange the accommodation as per your preference for you. Our partner hotels include Arco Iris Lodge, Los Pinos Cabañas & Jardines, Trapp Family Hotel, Hotel Fonda Vela, Monteverde Cloud Forest Lodge, Monterde Lodge & Garden, Claro de Luna, Monteverde Country Lodge, Hotel Belmar, Hotel Montaña Monteverde, Hotel Poco a Poco and Hotel El Establo.

The minimum daily budget in Monteverde, Costa Rica can be approximated to 22,150-24,900 CRC (40-45 USD). However the budget completely depends upon the type of accommodation you choose and the fancier life you opt!

How to get to Monteverde, Costa Rica
  • Bus: You can opt for a bus from San Jose which will be a 4.5 hours journey.
  • Car: Take a car from San Jose which takes approximately 4 hours depending upon the traffic and road conditions.
  • Private Transportation: Take a private min van if you wish a more comfortable journey.
  • Horseback Ride: Take a horseback ride from Arenal. You can also combine it with Jeep travel.
  • Taxi-Boat-Taxi: This route is the most fun filled and time saving one. It is a 3 hours land-lake-land tour. Alternatively you can take a half day car ride.
Nearby cities for things to do

Las Juntas

The proximity of Las Juntas to the cloud forest in Monteverde makes it an astonishing city to relish. Here you can enjoy the natural springs or exploit the Turkish baths in a local luxury resort. Explore the Ecomuseo de Las Minas de Abangares, a mining eco-museum and learn about the Juntas’s gold rush history.

Santa Elena, North Puntarenas

Santa Elena, a small town located a few kilometers towards the north of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve is a stopover while exploring the stunning region and its outstanding vistas. Here you can go for horseback-riding tours of the Monteverde and Santa Elena Reserves. Also, do not forget to explore the La Lecheria which is the local cheese factory that produces thirteen diverse varieties of cheese, including the famous Monte Rico.

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