Top Activities In Manuel Antonio That You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Are you looking for a personal paradise where adventure meets luxury? If yes, then look no further than Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica. This is the ultimate travel destination for adventure seekers, lovers and high rollers.

Home to miles of rainforest, serenely sandy beaches and almost 300 diverse species of wildlife, this coastal community has something for everyone.

Here are some of the activities in Manuel Antonio that you shouldn’t miss out:

Remarkable beaches & tropical landscape:

Looking for the ultimate beach & sun vacation destination? Manuel Antonio has it all for you! This coastal community is packed with enthralling flora & fauna, long stretches of white sandy beaches and incredible sunsets which define this Central Pacific landscape.

Manuel Antonio National Park:

If you are really keen to explore the best of Costa Rican wildlife, then don’t miss a trip to Manuel Antonio National Park. Plan a short trek through the rainforest to reach 4 of the most splendid beaches in Costa Rica. Guided tours through the national park are also available which is the best way to spot endangered species of Costa Rica wildlife, including howler monkeys, three & two-toed sloths, white-nosed Coati and Iguanas. Don’t be astounded if you get to spot a few resident dolphins in the bay!

Adventure tours:

If you are bit on the adventurous side, Manuel Antonio is the perfect place to try some heart-pumping adventure trips such as Jet Sking, ATV treks, parasailing, scuba diving, waterfall rappelling and surfing at close by beaches among others.

Plenty of family friendly activities:

With many eco adventure tours suitable for all ages, Manuel Antonio is the ideal family vacation destination. You & your family can go for an enjoyable snorkeling tour, explore the coral reef, opt for a wildlife watching tour through the national park, relish a horseback ride through the Costa Rican countryside, enjoy a hiking tour, or even take a sunset boating trip.

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