Puerto Limon Tour: Veragua Rainforest


Less than 1 hour away from the pier, Veragua Rainforest Research & Adventure Park is the ultimate nature experience offering everything that you want to look, feel, and learn from the authentic rainforest!

Veragua Rainforest is the perfect Costa Rica Shore Excursion for cruise visitors who only have a few hours to experience as many of Costa Rica’s wonders as possible, and who want to do so with minimal on-shore travel time.

With world class facilities, astonishing natural beauty, and a commitment to conservation and scientific research, Veragua Rainforest tour is the place to visit for the most complete, exciting, and educational Costa Rican rainforest experience.

During your 4-5 hour (on-site) tour, you will find yourself completely immersed in the vibrant rainforest with incredible panoramic views. The enchanting aerial tram ride through the canopy level of the rainforest, spectacular walking trails, and a magnificent waterfall will all fill you with wonder. Breathtaking nature is what you will experience as you tour our interactive, live exhibits including: the largest indoor nocturnal frog exhibit in the world (amazing. In here you will see the most beautiful and colorful frogs in full activity), an amazing butterfly garden where you will be surrounded by the famous blue Morpho butterflies, and a state-of-the-art reptile vivarium.

You will have the opportunity to observe a genuine biological research station managed by the renowned National Museum of Costa Rica and University of Costa Rica. You may even be lucky enough to witness the discovery of a new plant or animal species – The in-site scientists discovers them almost every day!

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