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Costa Rica – a beautiful country focuses on two things – eco-tourism and adventure sports. Over a quarter of the country is protected with rainforest and having more biodiversity than Europe and USA combined. The remaining is a jaw-dropping blend of bubbling Volcanoes, laid-back towns like Quepos, and Pacific surf beaches.

Costa Rica guided tours are all about nature putting on the show. You’ll become an expert at spotting keel-billed toucans in the Monteverde Cloud Forest or listening to the distant whoop of white-faced capuchins. Really it’s the pace of life here that gets you completely.

Both the words, hustle and bustle aren’t really in Costa Rica’s vocabulary. Pretty much what you’d expect from a country whose main motto is “Pura Vida” (The Pure Life).

In addition to, Costa Rica guided tours offer so many exciting ways to immerse in its natural elements. It has emerged as a consummate destination for exploring ecosystems and connecting with a peaceful culture.

Whether you want to discover the fascinating spaces, zipping across the rainforest canopy, zipping around the rainforest canopy, relaxing in a volcano-heated hot spring, there are a huge variety of Costa Rica tours and activities to engage travellers of all kinds.

Adventure Activities

Costa Rica is an ultimate paradise for adventure-seekers. Though it’s small in size, the country offers an opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary range of activities to choose from. There are diverse landscapes to explore and exciting options to discover.

People of all ages can enjoy safe and thrilling activities in Costa Rica. If one adventure is not enough, you can find a plenty of other ways to experience the country’s diverse landscape –white-water river rafting, zip lining, kayaking, horseback riding, mountain biking, or hiking.

Nature Activities

Costa Rica’s natural wonders make it an exceptional destination to experience and to offer much more than a typical vacation paradise. A visit to Costa Rica is hardly complete without walking through its dense, tropical forests. The giant trees are home to hundreds of epiphyte plant species, the sounds of rare birds can be heard in the air. The slow-moving sloths can be seen lounging high in the upper canopy.

Every activity in Costa Rica incorporates the lush environments; but walking through the forest or meandering along the suspension bridges through the canopy can offer visitors a perfect way to immerse in the country’s nature surroundings.

Leisure Activities

Exploration doesn’t deserve to be exhausting and Costa Rica has so many things on offer for those who want to recharge and experience the country at a leisurely pace. Whether you want to enjoy a sunset cruise, a walk through the rainforest on a suspension bridge, or an afternoon soaking in a volcanic hot spring, there are varieties ways to experience Costa Rica’s diverse beauty.

In addition to, many hotels provide a huge assortment of innovative and traditional spa treatments. However, the country’s pristine beaches are some of the best around the world for a peaceful afternoon of reflection and exploration.

Marine Activities

Costa Rica – which means “Rich Coast” specializes in providing abundant adventures at most of the best beach destinations. Take advantage of marine activities like kayaking, snorkelling, marine mammal observation, scuba diving, catamaran tours, sport fishing, etc.

Apart from enjoying the sun and waves, you have an opportunity to spot colorful fish, sea turtles, manta rays, whales, dolphins, and other abundant ocean animal species in Costa Rica’s tropical waters.

Educational Activities

One of the many benefits of Costa Rica guided tours is the opportunity to expand your perspective and discover new habitats, and cultures. There are different ways to know more about the places, people, and environments that make Costa Rica so exceptional.

During your Costa Rica guided tours, you can explore fascinating plants and insects or search for the rare birds. You might listen to stories about Costa Rica history while visiting rainforest. You’ll know how your morning coffee plantations are made, harvested, and roasted.

No matter whatever activities you choose, these educational experiences will be with you long after your vacation ends.


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