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Tortuguero National Park

Luxuriant, heavenly, mystic… a network of wonderful and scenic waterways. Tortuguero is considered  to be one of the richest and wildest regions in flora and fauna of Costa Rica, with the largest biological variety. 11 habitats have been identified, as well as 2000 species of plants and 400 species of trees. There are also a wide variety of wildlife.


7 Natural Wonders of Costa Rica - #5 Tortuguero Canals


Tortuguero National Park is located in the north-eastern part of Costa Rica. This is one of the internationally best-known parks, since it is one of the most important locations for the nesting of green, leatherback and hawksbill turtles.




The Tortuguero National Park is one of the most popular ecotouristic destinations, due to its scenic beauty and rich biodiversity and it was highly promoted for the  protection of the green turtle.


Green Turtle / Tortuga Verde Tortuguero NP Costa Rica Code / Código #R0188A ©Adrian Hepworth

©Adrian Hepworth


Any visit to the park is collaborating to the conservation of the turtles.  The contribution by paying the entrance ticket, guarantees a 15% of the value to economic resources, also an economical help to the Tortuguero community which changed from people who lived by  hunting turtles to a village that gets its main living and  support from tourism, they also have cerated a great alliance to the protection of the turtles and all the wildlife in this national park. The town went from being a place of logging to be one of the highest diversity national parks in the country.

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