Adventure Tours in Costa Rica – Top Must-do Bucket-list Adventures in Costa Rica


Do you ever have a bird’s eye view of the rainforest while flying through a canopy? No? Then, why don’t you try out some exciting Costa Rican adventures? While exploring Costa Rica, you will find rainforests and cloud forests crisscrossed by zipping wires around the country. Before taking a final call, you should take a look at a few amazing adventure-filled activities for your bucket list.

Three-Toed Sloth by Benjamin Fisher

Introducing Costa Rica

The Central American adventure tourism capital, Costa Rica is a magnificent holiday paradise welcoming travelers from all around the world to indulge in the rhythms of Pura Vida (Pure Life). Well-known as a dizzying suite of outdoor adventures and a peaceful green jewel of Central America, this tropical hub strives to offer otherworldly vistas and enormous adventure-packed activities to immerse in.

Corcovado National Park - Photograph by Emmanuel Rondeau

Vacationing in Costa Rica? Please check the must-do bucket-list adventures in Costa Rica:

When planning adventure tours in Costa Rica, you’ll be flooded with endless numbers of opportunities for outdoor adventures – from zip-lining through the rainforest to surfing along the Pacific Coast.

Horseback Riding

Discover Costa Rica’s charms amongst rainforests and the pristine beach from the top of a horse on a horseback riding adventure in Costa Rica. No matter what, you will create memories that will last a lifetime for sure.

Photo credit Scott Stulberg

White Water Rafting

The adventure isn’t just restricted to the land; you’ll get to enjoy the adventure in water also. However, rivers thundering down the mountainsides create the perfect opportunities for white water rafting adventure tours in Costa Rica.

White water rafting - Photo by Shawn McInnes


If you prepare yourself to enjoy an adrenalin-fueled adventure like zip-lining, the lush, dense jungle of Costa Rica leaves no stone unturned to appeal you. It’s a bucket-list adventure to ascend into the rainforest and see jungle wildlife – monkeys, sloth and amazing birdlife up-close from a unique perspective while getting a rush of adrenalin. Remember, up to 90% of the country wildlife is hidden among the leaves and a zip wire is just a perfect way to see them.

Zipline in Costa Rica - Photo Credit Niki Harry


When it comes to adventure tours, Costa Rica is an ultimate playground of experiences. If you love hiking, you can enjoy trekking for miles through jungle landscapes, the vertiginous slopes of volcanoes or walk along the Pacific coastline – where you will see pristine beaches supported by verdant forest stretch as far as your eyes can see.

Walking in Costa Rica forest by Jeffrey Rodriguez

Boating Adventure

Perhaps you would spend time on water instead of on land! You can take a boat trip on the Pacific Coast. While boating, you will see enormous and surprisingly acrobatic humpback whales rearing up above the surface of the water as they migrate from the cold water of the south and north.

Iguana Tours Catamaran

Explore Magical Underwater World

You can go a step further into the water to discover the magic of the underwater world. No matter whether you want to snorkel or scuba-dive, you will see some of the amazing marine species. However, you will see huge turtles elegantly drifting along with manta rays, manatees and whitetip sharks on the Caribbean Coast. Remember, the Caribbean is the home to beautiful coral reefs which creates a colorful world of the underwater garden filled with an amazing variety of fish species.

Diving in Costa Rica by Dani La Viola


Surfers from all over the world choose Costa Rica adventure tours to hit the rolling waves on the Costa Rican Pacific Coast. The entire coastline is dotted with laid-back beach towns where you can learn how to surf and spend your evening by enjoying sundowners.

Photo by Craig Williams

Discover Costa Rica On Your Next Holiday

With so many things to do and experience in Costa Rica, it’s no wonder Costa Rica has become the favorite hotspot for adventure tours. Being a well-known beautiful rain forested country in Central America, Costa Rica boasts the magnificence of coastlines on both the Pacific and Caribbean oceans.  Enjoying a huge diversity of landscapes and natural wonders, Costa Rica offers travelers with an ultimate level of adventure, relaxation, exploration and romance.

Poas Volcano activity by Alejandro Miranda Lines

Lush forests :

If you are a nature seeker, then Costa Rica’s strikingly diverse terrain — lush forests, wildlife reserves, and tropical beaches  which  offers a something. The Guanacaste and the Nicoya Peninsula’s palm-fringed coastline is open for sun and surf.

Monteverde sunset by tomdukers

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