Activities in Arenal- How to have the Utmost Fun and Enjoyment?


One of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica, Arenal Volcano is located in northern Costa Rica. With good access to the waterfalls, rainforest, the country’s largest lake, a volcano and a diverse selection of hotels, Arenal is considered as the adventure capital of Costa Rica. One can indulge in many exciting activities in Arenal to enjoy an adventurous and relaxing tour experience.

Arenal Volcano by Steven Rodríguez

Let us explore the different types of activities that you can get an opportunity to indulge in Arenal:

  1. Explore the Tabacon Hot Spring:

In Costa Rica, you will find there are many hot springs (of different flow volumes, temperatures, and mineral content) around the regions like Arenal, Miravalles, and Ricon de la Vieja. The Arenal’s Tabacon hot spring has the perfect combination of volume, mineral content (low sulfur content) and temperature. By visiting the Tabacon Grad Spa Thermal Resort, you can explore the hot springs that are considered as a natural expression of Earth’s energy.

Tabacon Hotsprings

  1. Take a Rainforest Chocolate Tour:

Do you know!! The majestic Arenal Volcano will help you enjoy the sweetest rainforest experience by helping you to discover the ancient secrets of chocolate. On this tour, you will be surprised to know that in the ancient culture, the cacao tree was considered as “a gift of the Gods” that was used in making a ceremonial drink and as currency also (because of its economic value in many regions of Mesoamerica including Costa Rica). During the 2-hour rainforest chocolate tour, you will get the opportunity to learn interesting aspects of cocoa, chocolate and more that will help you enjoy the journey through the history, traditions, culture and the flavor.

Rainforest Chocolate Tour

  1. Enjoy Arenal Hike:

If you want to enjoy a magical hike through the rainforest, then enjoying an Arenal hike will help in having the utmost fun. The 2 hours of Arenal hike trip with an experienced guide will help you witness some gorgeous birds, monkeys and more. With an experienced naturalist guide, you will get to know the history and facts of the most active volcano in Costa Rica. One of the best thing about the hike is- you will be able to get the viewing point at sundown to enjoy a cold beverage and a chance to see the red glowing lava rolling down the mountain.

Arenal Volcano by Andy-Kim Möller

  1. Visit the Venado Caves:

By visiting the Venado Caves, you can explore the 2,700 meter stretch of limestone caves, which is formed some 15 to 20 million years ago because of both tectonic shifting and forceful underground river. On your guided tour to the Venado caves, you will get a rare glimpse into a mystical underground world and get a chance to see the limestone rock formations, monochrome frogs, bats, a variety of marine fossils and more. It is advised to wear light and quick-drying clothes, as there is a chance of getting a little wet during the tour.

Venado Caves

There are many activities in  Arenal, which you can enjoy by relying on Tour Operators CR! We excel in customizing your trip (as per the requirement and budget) and providing the best assistance of Costa Rican based English speaking tour guides. Whether you want to indulge in a relaxing or adventurous activity in Arenal, we will make it enjoyable and safe.

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