Five Reasons Why Costa Rica Family Vacations are Always a Favorite


When it comes to fun and adventure in family vacations, nothing can beat Costa Rica family vacations. Located in the central region of North America, Costa Rica is a great destination for spending family vacations. It has got everything including jungles, beaches, abundant wildlife and volcanoes that would fascinate the kids.  Plus, cheap and direct flights are available to Costa Rica from all major cities.

You can plan a Costa Rica family vacation for a week or more through the monkey jungle canopy on a zip line then visit the Pacific coast to soak in nature. It is easy to plan the right itinerary with a tour operator that suits your budget and duration. You can even go for custom-tailored packages for having the most memorable and enjoyable Costa Rica family vacations in a lifetime.

Thinking why the Costa Rica family vacations are a hot favorite? This Central American tourist destination assures great fun and thrill for families – and is less likely to exceed your budget.

  1. Costa Rica family vacation won’t be too costly – In spite of being an international tourist destination, Costa Rica suits the budgeted family vacation needs. It connects to cheap flight networks and makes the interaction as well as navigation possible for non-Spanish speaking people. Best of all is for half of the price of a top standard Disney World Vacation; exploring a natural thrilling world with your family is assured.
  1. A chance to see an active volcano and varying ecosystem – As your family climbs towards the Poás Volcano in the vacation, you can experience the change in temperature and flora; you get a chance to move through a lovely landscape created with coffee plantations, flower, fern and strawberry farms all along the way. From continuing the family vacation tour to the spectacular to La Paz Water Fall Garden in the center of the rainforest to visiting the hummingbird gallery, the birdhouse, the serpentarium, the frog’s exhibit and the butterfly garden, your kids feel amused with the prospects. Additionally, the Arenal hiking trip through the forest to reach where lava used to flow, hot springs, wildlife, and Arenal Lake etc. make it more it adventurous.


  1. You can relate to and fall for nature – Costa Rica’s green rainforests and luxuriant national parks give a paradise like feel to nature lovers. The most prominent one of them is Manuel Antonio National Park in the central Pacific coast. It’s a small wildlife reserve offering you encounter with waterfowl, iguanas and Jesus Cristo lizards and white-grey sandy beaches bordered by densely forested green mountains outside. On the way, you may be exited to enjoy the wilder nature of crocodiles on the Tárcoles River and the most awesome sight of mangrove system.
  1. There are outdoor activities and adventures for each age group – Whether it is the thrill of a zip-line swing over the canopy of the rainforest, slow speed nature hike or ride a horse on the beach, Costa Rica has excellent outdoor activities for the enjoyment of everyone.
  1. Costa Rica has hotel accommodation for every budget – Costa Rica family vacations can be planned with a stay at luxury hotels, rustic lodges or the American chains of hotels that better suit your budget. It results in a comfortable and affordable vacation experience.

If you want to take your family on a Costa Rica vacation and soak up well in adventure and go green lifestyle, Tour Operators CR is here to help. We can custom tailor your tour itinerary that best fits your budget and duration. Check out our ready-made Costa Rica family vacations packages to start with or call us at +1-408-212-0995 or email via [email protected] to custom create a Costa Rica family vacation which can be memorable forever.

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