Monteverde – A Wonder to Explore in Costa Rica


Once depending upon dairy farming for economic needs, Monteverde has become one of the most appreciated and visited places in Costa Rica. It can be considered as the complete package of Costa Rica offering adventure, recreation, stunning green landscapes and a unique nature experience.

Facts that make Monteverde an adventurous and exciting place for vacating

  • Strikingly Beautiful Cloud Forest:

No doubt Monteverde is the best cloud forest in all of Costa Rica. Being on the top of the Tilaran mountain region it is so high that most of its part is covered with clouds and a bit of drizzle. Making this place the abode of clouds!

The chirping, ultra-fast and colorful hummingbirds can be found in large numbers here. Due to the highest population of hummingbirds, Monteverde is considered as the King of hummingbirds. These mini creatures keep on fluttering around you creating a harmonious ambience.

  • Walking the Hanging Bridge:

Hanging bridges in the cloud forest make Monteverde quite popular among adventure lovers. These bridges range up to 800 feet long and 2400 feet high! Isn’t it scary? But still experiencing it is a must!

  • Spectacular Sunset View:

Being on the top of the Tilaran mountain range there are several viewpoints from where sunset views look marvelous. Also you can relish the incredible views of both Pacific and Caribbean on a clear day from the top!

  • Climbing Giant Ficus Trees:

You can climb up the giant ficus trees here which you cannot do in other parts of Costa Rica which makes Monteverde even more exciting!

There is much more to do in Monteverde like horseback riding, hiking and so on. But for experiencing everything here you need to stay for a couple of days. And to make your stay stress free booking reliable and renowned hotels in Monteverde is suggested.


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