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Turu Ba Ri is a theme park oriented towards ecotourism and adventure.

The Turu Ba-Ri Park was built thinking on the enjoyment of the entire family and visitors in general, who wish to spend a day filled with fun and adventure. Due to the diversity in place, can fill the expectations of all types of visitors, children, young people and adults; both foreign and costaricans.

In the past, part of the property had an agricultural and livestock vocation, has been reforested since 1996, achieving amazing results, more than 80,000 trees have been planted, mostly indigenous food characteristics and with hosting for flora and fauna. It has two main different areas of attraction, but united among themselves by the cable car. In the area in which is located the main facilities, is also the adventure area and approach from the cable car station to move to the area of the tropical garden.

The Turu Ba Ri Park is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy some adventure without straying from the center of the city. The Park is located 10 minutes from Orotina, in  Paso Agres de Turrubares.

Activities in the Park.

Horseback Riding:

Ride for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour in places of cattle farm, plantation of mangoes, seeing the differences in forest in transition and explanations about the flora and fauna, that can be seen while enjoying the landscape overlooking the Hill of Turrubares. How great of this tour is, that it is for the whole family, they can do so 10 years onwards children.



Travel in the midst of the trees in a journey of more than 2 kilometers, distributed in 8 cables, 11 platforms, two bridges and a tower accompanied by professional guides. This activity lasts approximately 1 hour, and requires an intermediate physical effort. This activity can be performed by children 6 years onwards.


Sensational Cable:

Fly like Superman? Totally possible, in this sensational cable will be suspended in a harness of entire body, head to the front, upside down, will it slide over a 1000 meters away cable reaching speeds up to 90 km/h and with heights of up to 110 meters. Can do it 10 years and 40kg of body weight thereafter.


Nature tour:

Is located in a place called Tropical Garden, this nature tour with nurseries, botanical collections, trails, farm peasant, gardens, restaurants and lots of surprises provided to us by nature, in the midst of more than 100 hectares of primary and secondary forest.

Entering it through the cable car with a length of 670 meters, in an average time of 10 minutes, and descending from the 180m.s.n.m to the 110m.s.n.m.


So, how about this choice of adventure without straying far from the Great Metropolitan Area? As well, we leave more information about rates on the following link.

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