Immerse in Tortuguero Sightseeing Wonders at Hotel Laguna Lodge


Accessible only by water and air, Tortuguero – the bustling village blessed with strong Afro-Caribbean roots, is a well-known destination for attracting huge hordes of sea turtles and the hordes of travel enthusiasts who want to see them. However, the name “Tortuguero” means the “Turtle Catcher”.

If you are on a vacation to Costa Rica and looking to explore Tortuguero, choosing your accommodation at one of the best hotels in Tortuguero is a must. Amongst all, the privileged setting of Hotel Laguna Lodge is pure magic! It’s a rain forest ecotourism lodge, a premier name among Costa Rica’s hotels and resorts, boasts an extra touch of style, comfort, and personalized client oriented service.

Hotel Laguna Lodge

Hotel Laguna Lodge has been emerging as one of the best hotels in Tortuguero for its splendid infrastructure, friendly staff and unique concern for the community as well as serene nature.


Located in between the Caribbean Sea and the Tortuguero Lagoon, the Hotel Laguna Lodge, a small yet comfy lodge is designed for the perfect enjoyment of the natural marvels at the Tortuguero National Park. Though this lodge is based on a spectacular natural setting, you will see picturesque sightings of rivers, lakes and wetlands that shelter a lush jungle and exotic plants.

Besides, Tortuguero National Park is the magnificent nesting site around the Western half of the Caribbean for the green sea turtle. The nesting season starts around mid-July and ends by October. Upon booking Hotel Laguna Lodge stay, you will be able to search for majestic green sea turtles at your own pace. However, you will enjoy the peaceful environment of the lodge, its rain forest gardens, hammock huts and a swimming pool.

Luxury Facilities

The Laguna Lodge has 106 standard wooden rooms across its 6 acres of gardens with amazing views of the lagoon and the forested surrounding. The hotel rooms feature private bathrooms, wooden bench, ceiling fan, bars, conference room, beautiful gardens, etc. to let you admire the beauty of the scenic nature and gardens in the comfort of a luxury hotel. In fact, the designs of the hotel rooms are simple and are fully in compliance with nature.

The rooms at the Laguna Lodge are fully-furnished with all the basic amenities for a comfortable stay. While visiting there, you will enjoy the delicacies at the rustic restaurant and excellent flavor – highly accepted and praised by travel enthusiasts from all over the world. Though Laguna Lodge has an open air restaurant in front of the Tortuguero Lagoon, it provides awe-inspiring views of nearby forests and you will admire the boats of locals passing by to the local village.


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