5 Reasons to Book Costa Rica Tour Packages for Next Getaway


Just imagine bright blue beaches with fine sand, vast stretches of forests and jungle, active volcanoes, the abundance of wildlife, and a country with rich exotic fruits. When you think of Costa Rica, you’ll envision a range of inviting and relaxing activities, adventure sports, and warm, cheerful people.

In Costa Rica, you can be on the beach, in the mountains, and forest all in one day. It’s a must-visit destination in Central America for its scenic natural beauty, diversity of fauna and flora, and places of interest. You’ll certainly fall in love with this earthly paradise and will come back again and again.

5 Best Reasons to Book your Next Getaway to Costa Rica

  1. Wildlife –Wildlife abounds throughout Costa Rica and it seems like Costa Rica has taken the pages of the tropical version of the Jungle Book. You’ll see toucans with their unique beaks and scarlet macaws.

You’ll find the sloths nestled in trees and crocodiles with large jaws. Find the white-faced monkeys, butterflies of all shapes and sizes, orchids adorning trees and a veritable rainbow of fish. Sharks, ocelots, whales, dolphins, jaguars, pumas, and much more – the wildlife is endless.

  1. Outdoor Adventures – Well-known for the eco-tourism and adventure tourism in Central America, Costa Rica provides amazing outdoor adventures for visitors of all ages, preferences, and abilities.

From hanging bridges, rainforest hikes, cable car rides, high-altitude trails to zip lining, white water rapids, surfing, diving, and sports fishing, you will find everything to appeal your adventure desires. It’s also possible to discover Costa Rica by horseback or kayak.

Can’t decide? Where to start? Even during a short trip, you can include a bit of everything to make the most out of your getaway in Costa Rica. Besides, you will learn more about the effervescent life of the rainforest in national parks and ecological reserves.

Volcanoes and cloud forests offer picturesque views and the beaches on the Caribbean and the Pacific are not only beautiful, but a cocktail of sea life and microclimates. Costa Rica has almost 300 beaches on both the coasts of the Caribbean and the Pacific. Such kind of biodiversity and beauty is completely awe-inspiring.

  1. Cheerful and Happy People –The natural attributes of Costa Rica appeal everyone; but its people will steal your heart. They feel proud for their country and welcome visitors wholeheartedly. The Ticos as they call themselves are warm, joyful, and cheerful people. They smile often and their charisma will melt your heart.

The Ticos often say Pura Vida in lieu of saying hello, goodbye, and see you soon. With its incredible attributes, it’s very easy to know why they use this kind of greeting. They live a pure life.

  1. Coffee and Exotic Fruits –You will get to see coffee plantations in different parts of Costa Rica. It has a great reputation worldwide and leaves all palates fully-satisfied, even those people who don’t drink coffee. You should include Doka Estate on your Costa Rica tour packages to explore a coffee plantation of over 100 years.

It’s even estimated that over 150 different fruits are available in Costa Rica. You can find fruits at shops, stalls, and markets in different parts of the country. You can taste coconut juice, pineapple, guanabana, etc.

  1. Environmental Responsibility – With the diversity of resources, tourism is the main economic engine of the country that generates more revenue than the export of coffee, bananas, and pineapples. Therefore, conservation and sustainable development of biodiversity are necessary.


Check out Costa Rica tour packages available at Tour Operators CR and make the most out of your vacation. The unique colors and vibes of Costa Rica will blow your mind away for sure!

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