5 Tips to Select Best Costa Rica Vacation Packages


No matter how many beaches you walk down, how many mountains you climb, how many oceans you explore, how many sunsets you watch, nowhere seems to steer your soul like Costa Rica. The lush jungle spills onto the golden sand beaches, crash waves kiss the shore, divers plunging deep into the ocean, surfers hiding in the tubes, etc.

In Costa Rica, see volcanoes bubbling and erupting over valleys, butterflies fluttering across flower covered mountains, the glittering sunrises, and sunsets that demand standing ovations. Not to mention about the nights that are lit up by the stars and the moon.

Undoubtedly Costa Rica is one of the enchanting places on the planet. It’s the natural playground for hikers, surfers, paddle boarders, animal lovers, divers, snorkelers, and anyone who feels happiest in nature. In short and simple words, Costa Rica reminds you how it feels to be truly alive.

Despite of living nomadically and traveling in five different continents all over the world, Costa Rica is the paradise on the earth that feels like a home away from home. Here are a few ways to make your Costa Rica vacations extremely unforgettable:

  1. Expect the unexpected in Costa Rica

There are plentiful places around the world where the bus always arrives on time. Where business open when they say they will. Where volcano eruptions and rainstorms won’t halt your plans. Costa Rica vacations are the perfect ways to feel the magical surroundings of the country.

Obviously, you should do your research and plan an itinerary. Be open to the unexpected twists and turns the road takes. That’s what makes it a great adventure.

  1. Take enough time

While talking about Costa Rica vacations, many vacationers consider visiting volcano hikes, cloud forest zip lining, surfing, etc throughout the country. Costa Rica may be a small country, but with its rugged terrain, it can take a whole day of travel just to get from a coast to another.

When you’re in a hurry from a destination to the other, more often you miss out on the magic that comes when you just want to sit still and relax. It’s highly recommended to choose a beach destination and take side trips to waterfalls, volcanoes, and national parks from there.

  1. Try to keep it smooth and simple

In a country like Costa Rica, know quickly how little you should be happy. Comfort is more valued over fashion. You’ll rarely feel the requirement to wear makeup and the ocean and jungle have no respect for materials.

You’ll get dirty and your clothes will get stained. You need to bring a durable travel pack and fill it with multifunctional items that you won’t be heartbroken over if they get ruined. You should know to travel with and needless as well as you’ll explore an incredible freedom.

  1. Bring things that you need really

It’s highly suggested to pack an assortment of comfortable beachwear, hiking gear, loose linen, and long dresses for evening. You should pack an inexpensive digital camera and a Smartphone or iPad.

  1. Embrace Pura Vida

Why most vacationers love to visit Costa Rica so much, can be summed up in two words – “Pura Vida”. This is the national mantra of Costa Rica which embodies the most beautiful philosophy. Pura Vida is all about witnessing every experience in life as a present.

Pura Vida is the essence of Costa Rica and if you can know how to embrace it, Costa Rica will embrace you wholeheartedly. So if you find yourself on a rainy beach or waiting for your plate of rice and beans, just wear a smile on your face, relax, and remember Pura Vida.

Final Consideration

Want to plan unforgettable Costa Rica vacations? Book perfectly designed Costa Rica vacation packages through Tour Operators CR and make the most out of your getaway. Contact us right now and let’s get started!

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