Costa Rica – The Most Diversified Honeymoon Destination


Costa Rica is a honeymoon-friendly country in Central America which comprises of diverse regions. While one region is known for the spectacular beaches, the other is known for hot springs, and another is known for rainforests and likewise. As a tour operator for years now, we at Tour Operators CR have brought you a brief guide that determines everything about Costa Rica Honeymoon.

Costa Rica ranks high on the Happy Planet Index consistently. Upon reaching this beautiful country, you will feel the good vibes from the locals. Also, the country is safe; however, you need to take a few practical precautions when going out in public. Costa Rica is infamous for its diverse range of outdoor activities. You can expect almost any outdoor activity you have ever imagined to experience from trekking in the rainforests, hiking wildlife reserve, exploring the volcano, white water rafting, zip-lining to horseback riding and more!

The weather of Costa Rica is the icing on the cake that makes Costa Rica honeymoon the most romantic experience a couple can have. Its tropical location makes a perfect destination for honeymooners throughout the year. However, the dry season i.e., from December to April, the country enjoys the best weather, and the hotel rates tend to be higher! So if you want to make your honeymoon experience cost-efficient then opt for the low season i.e., from August to October which is the rainy season but offers best surfing conditions, and the hotel rates are the lowest.

Another factor that makes Costa Rica an astonishing destination for honeymooners is its eco-friendliness. The country values sustainability and low carbon footprints, which makes it one of the most eco-friendly places on the earth. About 95 percent of its energy is generated through local renewable resources, and about 30 percent of the country has been labeled as a national park or reserve.

To make honeymoon experience in Costa Rica even more exciting and memorable we at Tour Operators CR provide amazing Costa Rica honeymoon packages. These packages are the best option for couples looking for excitement and fun at affordable prices. To make your Costa Rica honeymoon a memorable experience, our package includes specified meals in the program, accommodations at exclusive hotels at different destinations, and private transportation with a guide. Some of the hotels where we accommodate our guests are hotel Country Inn & Suites, hotel Pachira Lodge, hotel Tabacón, hotel Monteverde Lodge & Gardens, and hotel Parador.

To know more about our Costa Rica honeymoon packages contact us today at +1-408-212-0995 or email us at [email protected]

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