4 Beautiful Hotspots for Paddle Boarding in Costa Rica


SUP – Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a relatively new sport all around the world, and taking hold in the early 2000s. This is something of an offshoot of surfing activity. Paddle boarding includes the use of a stand-up paddle to propel a person around the water surface while standing on a paddle board or a surfboard.

In fact, the stand-up paddle boarding in Costa Rica is garnering popularity, among those who love traditional surfing. Stand-up paddle boarding destinations offer opportunities for surfers to try a new sport. As an avid surfer, you can venture out farther, catch enough waves per set. It can offer you an amazing view to experience incoming waves allowing you to pick and choose only the best.

Again if you are on a vacation and looking to most out of paddle boarding in Costa Rica, please check out this post and know how to make the wonderful experiences:

Best Costa Rica Paddle Boarding Destinations

1. Tamarindo

Tamarindo is an excellent destination to know how to paddle board or venture off on your own if you are experienced. Paddle boarding isn’t a hard sport to pick up. Especially if you’re planning on cruising around in calm waters, it’s important to learn the basics and safety precautions. After all, you have to deal with a big piece of equipment in the water and likely around other people.

2. Lake Arenal 

Lake Arenal is one of Costa Rica’s largest lake situated in view of the well-known Arenal Volcano. This lake is very calm; but the water and winds can change the conditions, especially during the rainy season.

Stand up paddle boarding in Lake Arenal offers picturesque views of the surrounding mountains, forests and of course the Arenal Volcano. This is a peaceful way to spend an afternoon and a SUP tour on Lake Arenal is perfectly suited for all levels of paddle boarders.

3. Punta Uva

Punta Uva is a beautiful destination to stand up paddle board on the Caribbean Coast. You can enjoy taking a tour down the calm river and out into the ocean. Take this opportunity to see sloths, tropical birds, monkeys, coral reefs, rays, fish, and turtles during your adventure. Remember that Punta Uva is one of the top-rated destinations to stand up paddle board on the Caribbean Coast.

4. Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve

The Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve is based on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. It’s a captivating destination to take paddle boarding tour in Costa Rica. The landscape is beautiful and pristine with nature.

Paddling just a half mile into the reserve allows you to see Cabo Blanco Island that can be seen only from the water. There are several different ways to experience Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. But stand up paddle boarding is a unique way to experience that you can’t see by hiking through it.

Paddle boarding in Costa Rica is an amazing way to get out on the water, especially for those who are either surfers or prefer not to get soaked. There are a few yoga practitioners available practicing yoga out on a paddle board. You will enjoy paddling into the ocean, balancing in their poses carefully when they float.

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