5 Best Activities to Include in Costa Rica Honeymoon Packages


Most people fall in love with Costa Rica while visiting there. Whether you are looking to fall in love for the very first time or fall in love all over again, please hop to any of the spots in Costa Rica and get ready to feel the love:

  1. Beautiful beach sunsets

If you and your lovely wife like romantic sunsets, Costa Rica won’t disappoint you at all. Famous beaches align the coasts of Costa Rica, and when you combine white sand with skies in different shades of pink, you will enjoy a night filled with romance.

If you are visiting the Nicoya Peninsula, you can get to choose from one of the three isolated beaches Santa Teresa, Playa Carmen or Mal Pais. These regions have all the makings for romance. You can access them by dirt road as they are small beaches located in small towns and feature massive, colorful sunsets.

  1. Waterfalls

Experiencing the ultimate nature is a perfect way to bring in some sorts of romance to your Costa Rica honeymoon. Watch the natural beauty of a waterfall as it’s a must for couples looking to light a spark.

If you are visiting Alajuela, you will make it to Cataratas del Toro waterfall. This amazing force of nature is situated in the rainy town of Bajos del Toro and is the home a vast abundance of wildlife as well as other water features like pools and streams. Consider adding this activity to your Costa Rica honeymoon packages.

If you are looking for an unmatched experience of nature, you should get to the La Paz Waterfall Gardens. This area offers five waterfalls that you can experience ever. You can choose from the Magia Blanca, Templo or Encantada Falls for your romantic experiences.

  1. Volcano Hot Springs

A volcano may seem like a strange choice for Costa Rica honeymoon packages until you remember that volcanic areas spurn natural hot springs. National parks like Tenorio and Rincon de la Vieja are just a few spots that will allow visitors to hang out in the hot springs. However, you need to know that you’ll have to take a pretty intense hike to get there. But it’s worth to spend some romantic moments in the hot springs.

You can stop at Arenal Volcano if you are looking for a more luxurious experience. Also, there are several resorts available to stay in which will provide you their personal hot springs. Like other areas, you’ll need to make a plan to hike to the natural hot springs also. But the reward is worth experiencing.

  1. Dancing

Maybe you and your lovely wife need a different type of activity to include in your Costa Rica honeymoon packages. Why don’t you try out dancing instead of hiking? If you and your special someone wants to spend the night falling in love on the dance floor, spend a couple of amazing nights in Costa Rica.

When it comes to experiencing the nightlife in Costa Rica, San Jose, located in the heart of Costa Rica is sure to steal your lovely wife’s heart with its vibrant nightlife. Spend the whole day immersed in the local art and culture while relaxing and saving up your energy for a night full of fun.

  1. All-Inclusive Costa Rica Honeymoon Packages

If you’re up for a little relaxation away from Costa Rica adventures, you and your significant other can plan to spend the whole day inside. Book all-inclusive Costa Rica packages and take advantage of the spas, massages, pools and luxurious accommodations.

You will spend quality time connecting with your partner. Plan a romantic day and evening without leaving the comfort of your hotel and experience the fabulous nature and views. You can consult the hotel staffs to help you plan a surprise like filling the entire room with rose petals or delivering champagne.

No matter wherever you visit in Costa Rica, you will feel love. Whether you want to get close to the friendly locals, animals, plants or the beautiful views, Costa Rica is a place where it’s easy to fall in love.

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