Travel Packages to Costa Rica for Dreamlike Holiday Experience


Seeking for an unforgettable adventure? Getting bored of visiting same beaches all the time? And want to try something new? Why don’t you take a Costa Rica trip?

If you’re lucky enough, take the chance to enjoy both the Pacific and Caribbean Coast at Costa Rica. Apart from this, there’s lot more to do. But where do you start?

Before booking your holiday travel packages to Costa Rica, know your options for the extremely exceptional Caribbean experience.

travel packages to Costa Rica

  1. Doka Coffee Tour

Do you’ve any idea that coffee is the second most exported product after pineapples in Costa Rica? In fact, South America has the best coffee productions around the world. Costa Rica ranks high on the list.

Blessed with rich soil, fertile slopes, and a perfect climate, Costa Rica produces one of the highest quality coffees throughout South America.

Want to see coffee in making? Take a tour to Doka Coffee Estate – located near Poas Volcano in Alajuela. From the seed to the crop, a Doka Coffee tour will help you learn everything you want to know about how coffee is grown and made.

doka coffee tour

  1. Tortuguero Canals Boat Tour

Dreaming of exploring dense and endless jungles? Boasting labyrinth and a huge network of natural waterways, Tortuguero National Park offers a true rainforest experience.

All you need is to take a Tortuguero Canals boat tour. You don’t even need to get off the boat and walk through muddy trails.

Tortuguero Canals Boat Tour

  1. Cahuita Snorkeling Tour

Love snorkeling? Want to explore under water kingdom? Enjoy a snorkeling expedition at Cahuita National Park. It’s a well-known Costa Rica paradise for the coral reefs located up-close to the shore.

You’re likely to see here light yellow brain, Elkhorn, blue staghorn corals, sea fans, including over 500 colorful tropical fish species, the harmless reef shark and sting ray. Book a Cahuita snorkeling tour during the dry season for a unique experience.

Beach Tour and Snorkeling in Tamarindo - Costa Rica 3

  1. Pacuare Rafting Adventure

Rafting adventure in Costa Rica? It’s time to enjoy rafting on a wild tropical celadon-colored Pacuare River. You will raft right through on 19 miles of Class III-IV white water.

Indulge your senses on every level? With the warm water, cascading waterfalls, opulently lush rainforest filled with colored plants, animals and bird species, Pacuare River will make your dream come true. Without a Travel Packages to Costa Rica it is difficult to comprehend this fact.

River Rafting Tours in Cost Rica

  1. Tortuguero Guided Trails

Short on time? But want more of Costa Rica travel packages? Visit Tortuguero National Park to get the most out of your vacation. It’s a remote coastal destination only accessible by boat or plane. Nevertheless, of your holiday duration, you will continue exploring the beaches, canals, jungles of this pristine nature reserve. Even you will go in search of turtles, birds, caiman and also the famous “Jesus Lizard” at Tortuguero National Park.


Final Consideration

You must have got your options for a dreamlike vacation experience. Still thinking, what to do next? Just book travel packages to Costa Rica with Tour Operators CR and let us do the rest. We provide Costa Rica travel itineraries, including Caribbean Experience – covering Tortuguero National Park, Pacuare River, Doka Coffee Estate in Alajuela, etc.

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