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The memorable vacations are the ones that create long-lasting memories. The all-inclusive Costa Rica vacations offerings are second-to-none in terms of delivering unforgettable experiences.


Framed by two coastlines – Caribbean and Pacific, Costa Rica is rich in natural wonders. Glistening green jungles, massive and active volcanoes, magnificent wildlife species, lush coffee plantations, breathtaking beaches are sure to appeal to Costa Rica all-inclusive vacations.


With absolutely welcoming weather all year long and best hotels, you might be tempted to visit Costa Rica again and again. One of the most environmentally-sustainable countries on the planet, Costa Rica’s inhabitants take immense pride in their natural resources, whether it’s the therapeutic volcanic hot springs or just an authentic coffee!


Wherever you stay, get out, and explore in Costa Rica, you’ll surely run out of time before running out things to do here. Take a look at the post below to add some of the exceptional delights to Costa Rica all-inclusive vacations:


Cano Negro


A beautiful natural refuge, Cano Negro is considered to be the third most important wetland around the world. Located nearer to the border of Nicaragua, the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge stays up-close in Alajuela Province.


As a nature lover’s paradise, Cano Negro is the habitat for many migrants and endangered fish, reptile, bird species, and plants. Set in a remote area of Costa Rica, it’s often submerged in water from flooded rivers.


In this enchanting ambiance, you’ll feel complete harmony with serene nature. In addition to, Cano Negro offers an amazing wildlife concentration including a huge variety of flora and fauna. Therefore, it has been tagged as the perfect paradise for the bird-watching and passionate wildlife enthusiasts.


Arenal Volcano


Arenal Volcano is a sight that’s well-worth to be explored on Costa Rica all-inclusive vacations! It’s the place where rivers flow through bountiful rainforests, waterfalls, cross inspiring canyons, and hot springs gurgle up under the base of an appealing volcano.


Hiking in Arenal Volcano is one of the best activities in Costa Rica that you should not give a miss. While hiking, you’ll get a chance to enjoy beautiful views and spot wildlife species. You will be accompanied by the informative tour guide to explore the picturesque Arenal at the best.


Besides, you will learn more about the volcano, the surrounding forest, and the abundant wildlife that you may see during your hike. Be on the lookout for toucans, monkeys, hawks, sloths, and much more.


From seeing playing monkeys, singing toucans to photographing the cone of Arenal Volcano, you will be completely enthralled and engaged in your Costa Rica all-inclusive vacations.


Playa Conchal


Considered as one of the most exotic beaches on the Gold Coast of Costa Rica, Playa Conchal is located in the north of Guanacaste Province on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The name “Conchal” comes from the billions of shells (conchas) that wash up on the beach, are gradually crushed into coarse sand.


The shallows drift from an intense turquoise to sea-foam greener deep out – which is a rare-to-see sight on the Pacific Coast. It’s a fabulous beach that enjoys near-perfect weather all year long.


Playa Conchal is bathed in sunshine most of the time, with around 10 hours of daylight from the month of December to April. However, the water you find here remains at a comfortable temperature and is perfect for snorkeling or swimming!


Conclusion –


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