Why Should A Costa Rica Honeymoon Be On Your Bucket List Of “Things To Do”?


Are you newly married but yet to be on honeymoon? Not sure about your honeymoon destination? What about Costa Rica that features luxury resorts, friendly people, beautiful wildlife, stunning beach destinations, and lush green landscape like you have never seen before? Renowned for its exotic wildlife, natural wonders, and jaw-dropping beach sites, this Central American jewel is simply a lovers’ ecstasy.

If you are still not sure, listed below are a few valid reasons why you should confirm your honeymoon tour package to Costa Rica right now:

More than 800 miles of coastline:

You simply can’t call it a honeymoon if you are yet to hit a beach in Costa Rica. Fortunately, you can’t actually go anywhere in Costa Rica without hitting a beach as this small nation boast a massive 800 miles of shoreline along both the Pacific and Caribbean, including 2 jungle-lined peninsulas. The options here are truly never-ending.

Even the wild creatures are in love:

While you are enjoying your honeymoon, so is the rest of the Costa Rican jungle. You will perceive thesound of mating calls all through the day from all sorts of animals including lizards, birds,and monkeys. You might even see some animals showing affection.

Plenty of appetizing tropical treats:

Food & beverages are perhaps the most important part of any honeymoon package. Fortunately, Costa Rica is swarmed with all sorts of tropical foods, from papaya and pineapple to guava and mango and coconut. Many Costa Rican eco-resorts are also offering farm-to-table dining option for their guests.

The climate here is more than ideal:

You definitely wish some sun & warmth on your Costa Rica honeymoon, but it is also great to have a bit respite from the intense heat outside. Fortunately, Costa Rica provides a fair mixture of hot & sunny and cool & rainy. In several regions of the nation, precipitation will come for a short period during the afternoon, and everything will settle down & relax.

Never-ending adventure:

Talking about adventure, it can be found almost everywhere in Costa Rica. Between waterfall rappelling, ziplining, surfing, tree climbing, ATV tours, surfing, horseback riding, jungle hikes, river rafting, kayaking, volcano hiking and night trips through the jungle – there is something for every honeymoon goers.

Beautiful rainforest bungalows for cozy accommodation:

The trend of eco-tourism is quite huge in Costa Rica, hence there’re all sorts of lovable rainforest bungalows, cuddled on the beach or in the forest, giving exceptional views, sounds and smells. They are just ideal for cozying up at night and hanging out during the day.

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