6 Best Activities in Monteverde for a Fun-filled Costa Rica Vacation


Monteverde is a renowned sightseeing destination and enjoys a great popularity in Costa Rica tourism. It is the home to a great array of cloud forests with overflowing numbers of flora and fauna species. The zip lines and suspension bridges you will find in Monteverde are the longest enough to ensure the optimal exhilaration around the country. The coffee available here is locally produced, tasty, and affordable. Besides, Monteverde is famous for skyline and horse trekking adventures that you won’t find anywhere else.

So, when it comes to adventure activities in Monteverde, you will find a number of things to choose from. It’s obvious that you will get confused with so many choices. Here, we’ve discussed a few of them to help you out and make your holiday unforgettable at Monteverde:

Monteverde Butterfly Garden

On our list of activities in Monteverde, the Monteverde Butterfly Garden is the perfect one to kick-start your Costa Rica holiday.

Monteverde Butterfly Garden is well-known amongst locals as the Mariposario and is considered as one of the most visited sightseeing attractions in Monteverde. While visiting there, you will see some of the most fascinating yet beautiful insects of all the tropics.

Come and explore the wonderful world of butterflies – including 30 native species from Monteverde and the surrounding areas.

Monteverde Frog Pond

You can admire over 25 native frog species, toads and other amphibians residing in large naturally-stimulated terrariums in the Monteverde Frog Pond. Some of the frogs and toads you will see include the crowned frog, marine toad, cane toad, hourglass frog, the famous red-eyed tree frog, leopard frog, and much more.

Aside from this, you will attend an exhibition on the amphibian natural history and a gift shop selling many frog-related souvenirs.

Hummingbird Garden

Are you a birding lover or a photographic enthusiast? Then a tour of Hummingbird Garden in Monteverde is a rare treat for you. This garden is the home to over 14 species of the small and lively colorful birds, amazing you with their uniquely acrobatic aerial maneuvers.

Besides, you will find a native plant display, relaxing waterfalls as well as an ideally located picnic area at the Hummingbird Garden in Monteverde. No matter choosing a Hummingbird Garden tour as one of the activities in Monteverde can be the best way to experience your holidays at the best.

Bat Jungle

Bat Jungle is designed to make the visitors indulged in the wonderful world of bats. A Bat Jungle tour will hardly take 45 minutes through a bat-tastic exhibit. You will be sure to see around 95 bat species flying freely in a huge enclosure – which’s designed to resemble with the cloud forest at night.

Monteverde Cloud Forest

While searching for some of the best activities in Monteverde, a guided tour of Monteverde Cloud Forest can offer you the ultimate chance to learn about the magnificence of the natural. You can take a walk through the cloud forest to reveal the lush green garden of ferns, flowers, mosses, and epiphytes growing densely on every tree.

Moreover, the air of the forest area is highly populated with the sounds of birds and the scurrying of small mammals on the forest floors occasionally. You will listen to the roar of howler money from time to time.

Sky Adventures Monteverde Park

Sky Adventures Monteverde Park is situated in one of the most recognized, wonderful cloud forests – Monteverde Cloud Forest. The variable climate, high altitude level of Monteverde has ensured extremely high biodiversity.

You will get your heart pounding by choosing a zip line ride through the Costa Rican forests canopy at Sky Adventures Monteverde Park. Even, there’s huge availability of unique trails designed to enjoy the serene nature and adrenaline pumping adventures inside the tropical rainforest.

However, Sky Walk uses trails and a series of hanging brides for a relaxing, amazing introduction of the flora and fauna of the forest canopy. You will get a spectacular vision of the forest from a different perspective – which starts with a hike on the ground, taking you to explore the treetops and the hardly discovered habitat – known as the Canopy with a naturalist guide.


Now you might have got the ideas for your next Costa Rica vacation. So what are you waiting for? Check out the available options for activities in Monteverde at Tour Operators CR and make a perfect selection for a wonderful holiday experience.

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