Top 5 Popular Tours and Activities in Monteverde, Costa Rica


The Costa Rica’s Monteverde Cloud Forest boasts of magnificent nature and landscape, which is a home to an incredible array of exotic animals, birds, and plants. It is believed that no trip to Costa Rica is complete without visiting the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve. There are many exciting tours and activities in Monteverde to do that will enhance your Costa Rica holiday trip with family or friends.

Do you want to know about the best tours and activities in Monteverde? Then here we are listing down some popular Monteverde tours and activities, please have a look!

  1. Visit the Monteverde Butterfly Farm:

To have the utmost fun and experience the natures one of the beautiful creation, you can consider a tour to the Monteverde Butterfly Farm. This farm is locally known as the Mariposario, which is rated as one of the most visited attractions in the Monteverde. Here you will get an opportunity to observe and see the most fascinating and beautiful insects of this region. On this wonderful Monteverde Butterfly Farm tour, you can discover the amazing world of the butterflies along with Chance to observe a variety of birds, mammals & reptiles. These outdoor Activities in Monteverde allows to observe Incredible biodiversity seen in the Monteverde Cloud Forest and if you are like walking taking a walking tour to the Monteverde Butterfly Farm is the best experience which you can plan for;

  1. Enjoy an ATV Tour:

An ATV tour in Monteverde will help you indulge in a memorable and adventurous activity. On an ATV tour, you will get an opportunity to drive your own along well-maintained trails through grassland and jungle. On the Monteverde’s distinctively rugged and mountainous landscapes, any all-terrain vehicle can go in a beast mode and help you enjoy a safe and exciting tour experience. This adrenaline pumping activity will help you capture all the memorable and scenic views of the Costa Rica’s cloud forest- Monteverde.

  1. Indulge in a Sky Tram and Walk:

On a Sky Tram and Walk tour in Monteverde, you will get an opportunity to explore the trails and series of suspension bridges that will give you a relaxing introduction to the flora and fauna (of the forest canopy). On this tour, you will get a vision of the cloud forest from a different perspective while indulging in hiking on the ground, exploring the treetops and discovering the habitat called canopy. A Sky Tram and Walk will prove to be an exciting outdoor activity in Monteverde for both adventure and nature lovers.

  1. Explore the Frog Pond Monteverde:

The Frog Pond Monteverde has more than 25 species of native frogs, toads, and many other amphibians, living in large and naturally-simulated terrariums. During your visit to this place, you can know more about the frog’s history, habitat and unique characteristics explained by an experienced tour guide. Some of the frogs and toads at this pond includes colorful poison arrow frog, marine toad, leopard frog, crowned frog, the famous red-eyed tree frog and more.

  1. Experience the Trapiche Tour:

The El Trapiche is a Costa Rican family business, where you will get an opportunity to indulge in a 2 hour guided tour that will enhance your trip experience. On this tour, you can enjoy a walk through the farm to get a glimpse of sugar cane, bananas, coffee, root vegetables, orange plantations and more. Here you can witness the entire coffee process and the process of making the famous liquor that is made out from the sugar cane. Do not forget to enjoy here a delicious cup of coffee.

There are many indoor and outdoor activities in Monteverde which you can experience in a tour to Costa Rica. Indulging on nature and wildlife tour, Hiking & camping tours, off Road & Aeriel tours always gives you lifetime experiences. To know more about the tours and activities in Monteverde, Visit :!

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