Booking Your Next Vacation in Costa Rica


Are you inspired by Costa Rican paradise? When you visit, you’ll definitely fall in love with this haven as it defines the serene beauty of the scenic nature. With two beautiful coastlines, lush jungle, a wide array of wildlife, and a plenty of unique activities to keep you in awe, this Central American country should be top on your list of destinations to explore.

To help you plan the most incredible vacation, here are a few unique reasons to visit – plus, for a truly unforgettable time why not book yourself a Costa Rica tour operator and have one of the best vacations ever:

  1. The Waterfalls

With the rugged terrain of the land and the strikingly moist rainforests, Costa Rica is the home to the most beautiful waterfalls. More often, you find after a quick and easy hike through the jungle while others may require a bit more patience to reach. Either way, the waterfalls are worthwhile.

  1. The Biodiversity

For a country that covers only a small fraction of the Earth’s surface, Costa Rica boasts around 6% of the entire biodiversity of the planer. Due to both the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, cloud forests, five immense mountain ranges, rainforests, active volcanoes, and a geographic location right in the middle of South and North America make sure the diversity of colossal plant and species.

  1. The Surfing

Are you an eager beginner or a seasoned pro in surfing? But Costa Rica has got a beautiful wave for you. However, you will get amazing surfing spots on both coastlines along with plentiful surf shops offering rentals and lessons, or if you prefer, simply a laid-back spot on the beach to see others riding the swells.

  1. The Rainforest

Are you appealed by nature? There’s no better place to start your trip than in the thriving rainforests of Costa Rica. With over a quarter of the country’s land mass protected by wildlife refuges and national parks, it is one of the best places on the planet for hiking through the pristine wilderness.

  1. The Volcanoes

Costa Rica stands out as the home to some of the most exciting active volcanoes around the world and they’ve played a key role in shaping the landscape of the country. Over the millions of years, the eruptions have aided greatly in creating soil that is rich in minerals. Now, you can discover many of the impressive landmarks.

Moreover, Arenal Volcano is undoubtedly one of the most visited volcanoes in Costa Rica. With appealing height reaching over 1600 meters and a lush green surrounding landscaping, it’s beautiful to see in person. However, it’s a popular spot for tourists, if you’re looking for some alternate, impressive sites, head over to Poas Volcanoes.


The Costa Rican has a common saying that “Pura Vida” that translates literally as pure life and you’ll feel difficulty to find a suitable phrase to describe this natural, beautiful country that you will experience through a professional Costa Rica tour operator.

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