10 Ways to Make the Most out of Costa Rica Cultural Wonders


You may know that travelers refer to Costa Rica as their little Corner of Eden. If you’ve on Costa Rica vacations earlier, you know why and if you haven’t, now you will. This paradise is truly real and as fresh as it gets. Even if you’ve visited there multiple times, every time you’ll meet new people, embark on new adventures, and get unique wildlife encounters, etc. In short, maybe you come back more than a little reinvigorated yourself!

Though the list of things to do on Costa Rica vacations is always growing, please check out this post to experience the best of cultural wonders in the suitably christened land of Pura Vida:

  1. Take enough time to plan an overland journey.

Upon your touchdown in Costa Rica, likely at San Jose International Airport, it can be easy to assume you’re supposed to charter a vehicle to head straight to your ultimate destination. However, it is better you shouldn’t do it.

If you want to get an authentic feel of verdant landscapes for the valleys perfumed with orchid and pineapple, for the views that stretch to the ocean and beyond, but you should travel slowly overland, when you’re on Costa Rica vacations.

However, how do you accomplish it? Well, it’s pretty simple. Consider a car rental in Costa Rica, especially 4×4 recommended for the adventurous and go there. There’s no better way to get to know a place than tracing its lines from behind the steering wheel. You’ll meet some amazing inhabitants on the road and create more long-lasting memories to treasure forever.

  1. Indulge in Barrio Escalante, the “Brooklyn of Chepe.”

Not every new place in Barrio Escalante is trying to give a feeling of Brooklyn. This analogy will offer a gist of what to expect – though with a Tico twist. On your next vacation in Costa Rica, don’t forget to sip coffee in this district of San Jose. Perhaps the coffee may feel much better than what Brooklyn has to offer.

Besides, the food and microbrews redefine the culinary scene of the whole country. Hence, when you reach San Jose, don’t hurry. The beaches will be still there whenever you need them.

  1. Wander around Mercado Central in San Jose.

If you need a real introduction to a Tico culture, a perfect primer is to start with a visit to the Mercado Central located in downtown San Jose. You’ll find there anything from fresh organic produce to traditional clothes to ice cream shop what’s more!

You’ll get a veritable history lesson if you take time to read thoroughly about the alleys and rabbit trails of this merchant labyrinth. Sounds interesting, right? Get ready to thank the cook for expanding your horizons!

  1. Join a language immersion class.

You can’t imagine how language learning enhances your travel experiences. You need to open the doors of communication and go beyond. Yes, you can place your order in Espanol. It will improve the knowledge of the ticos with whom you will interact. Also, if you’ve never even considered learning Spanish, give yourself a chance, and you’ll feel better.

  1. Practice the Costa Rica recipe – surf, meditate and repeat.

On Costa Rica vacations, you’ll know how unspoiled its beauty is; find beaches that aren’t crowded with a million umbrellas and beach chairs. Whether it’s Pacific or Caribbean Coast, it doesn’t matter.

The Costa Rica water is more calming than any yoga retreat you can find ever. Though you’ll find plenty of those, they’re fantastic. If you’re looking for a new religion, you can try out surfing.

The country has no shortage of beach sanctuaries with conditions ranging the spectrum from beginners to seasonal travelers. Whether you want to catch the first wave or make the most out of your time, surfing is the right way to meet locals and know tidbits about daily lifestyle.

  1. Experience the big animal sanctuary firsthand.

One thing you’ll experience in Costa Rica is the country’s admiration for everything natural. It’s not just the fact that the economy is focused on ecotourism. They’ve nurtured the natural atmosphere with extreme care that it’s now become a part of the tico identity.

You’ll get to see rope bridges for monkeys, iguana-crossing signs to cross high traffic roadways that prove the dedication of the country towards conservation. In Costa Rica, nature is not just an asset, but a passion.

  1. Join a cooking class.

Do yourself a favor and acquaint yourself with the gastronomical landscapes of Costa Rica. More often, people want to see, feel or hear a destination where there are so much more your senses that can do for you. Smell so thoroughly, and you’ll feel it in your head for sure!

Whether you want to take a Caribbean cooking course or a class with cheese marker or coffee roaster, your taste centers of the brain will be lit like the final of a firework extravaganza. You will understand this place in a much deeper way!

  1. Visit indigenous communities.

If you feel surfing doesn’t give you the nature fix that you need, visit an indigenous community in the southern zone of Costa Rica. You will find different tribes like Boruca, Cabecar, Bribri, Terraba, Guami, etc. in various villages around Costa Rica. As long as you go in with respect, you’ll feel welcomed.

  1. Join in a majenga.

It’s tough to overemphasize the significance of a simple game of pickup soccer around Costa Rica. To get in on the action of a majenga, walk up to the nearest soccer field or court. You will smile and make nice.

You can play your heart out and try to make new friends. It won’t be a story you forget to tell back home. Share in the pastime locals are passionate about will open doors to tico culture quicker than anything else. Try to show a little friendliness. It will return to you threefold. Remember that, smiles result in smiles.

  1. Know your golden grain.

You should save the best for last. Obviously, Costa Rica is the land of Pura Vida and has no army. However, you should learn a little about its history. If you’re new to Costa Rica history, it’s the land built by the golden grain – that golden grain being the coffee bean.

The development in the country came by with the great demand for its coffee plantations. Well, roads were built, ports were established, and coffee barons were created. Now it’s still a coffee stronghold.

If you’re one of those who aren’t coffee addicts, a perfect souvenir, you’ll find a bag of coffee beans as a bag of cacao beans. You’ll end up admiring it.

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