Tasty Dishes to Try Out on Costa Rica Vacations


Costa Rica foods are the second reason after the country’s beauty that appeals to the attention of worldwide visitors. Famed for the use of fresh ingredients like vegetables and fruits, food in Costa Rica is generally on the mild side.

Exotic fruits are grown locally in a tropical environment. There’s always something to make the food tasty. You will find meals in Costa Rica containing both rice and black beans. Though the food in Costa Rica is expensive for high tourist traffic, you will still love the traditional meals and menus.

Here are some of the best foods you will try out on Costa Rica guided tours:

  1. Tamal

When you look at Costa Rican tamal, you will find it the same with a Mexican tamale. There are a few considerable differences in the preparation process. First of all, Costa Ricans use garlic and go easy on other spices.

Mexican tamales will have a much spicier flavor than Costa Rican tamale. The other difference between them is in the wrapping. Mexicans are wrapped in corn husks whereas Costa Ricans are in banana leaves.

  1. Gallo Pinto

Gallo Pinto is a breakfast dish which is made of beans and rice. The cuisine reminds you of both Costa Rica and Nicaraguan culture and is referred to as just “Pinto” by locals.

When the beans and rice are mixed, it will create some coloring variations that make it looking like the rice is speckled. This is how the dish got its name because Gallo Pinto means the “Spotted Rooster.”

  1. Arroz con Leche

Arroz con Leche is a dessert and should be top of your list on Costa Rica guided tours. This dish is rice mixed with milk. The taste is more delicious, and the recipe calls for salt, sugar, lemon zest and cinnamon sticks.

  1. Casado

A casado is a dish made up of many foods. It contains the following, rice, beans, salad, tortillas, fried platano Maduro, and meat (pork, beef, chicken or fish). The location inside the country will determine the type of meat you receive or which you can choose from. It includes fresh fruit juice.

  1. Patacones

Patacones are well-known for its deep-fried deliciousness. Mainly, it’s served as a snack and basically comprises of flattening plantains and frying them two times. You can consider finishing off with a little bit of sea salt and mashed black beans. No matter what, patacones make an amazing appetizer.

  1. Sopa Negra

Dessert may be a favorite of many, and you may have a passion for soups. Sopa Negra is no more exception and sure to be filling. It’s great for vegetarians, and some dishes will meet other dietary restrictions including gluten-free.

Some of the main ingredients of Sopa Negra include black beans, onion, bell peppers, cilantro, tomatoes, soft or hard-boiled egg and spices and optional Tabasco sauce.

  1. Flan

Do you need more dessert dishes? Flan is a sweet treat that is a mix of milk, vanilla, sugar, and eggs resulting in a delicious egg custard. It’s cooked in a pan aligned with caramel and chilled before served. This is believed that flan comes from the Romans and the current recipe is the variation of the original which included the use of honey instead of sugar.

Final Consideration

Well, this is the list of popular foods in Costa Rica. Try to each and every dish at least once in your life. No matter whatever dishes you want to choose, you’re sure to enjoy yourself? Would you like to add something more to the dishes on Costa Rica guided tours? Please say it loud on Tour Operators CR Facebook Page

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