The Top 6 Things to Do in Monteverde


Though dairy farming happens to be the main economy of Monteverde, this tiny rural farming region has turned out to be one of the most recognized tourist destinations in Costa Rica. From ziplining to hanging bridges there are no shortages of activities to keep you busy for a few days. Here are a few things you’d like to do on your next Monteverde tour.

Go bird watching:

Monteverde is home to four hundred species of birds, and the best place where you can enjoy bird watching is the Curi-Cancha Reserve. On a guided tour, you’ll have the chance to witness some of the most beautiful birds found in Costa Rica, including the keel-billed toucan, orange-bellied trogon, resplendent quetzal, the blue-crowned motmot and a wide range of hummingbirds as well.

Spend some time in a butterfly garden:

The Monteverde Butterfly Gardens are a famous attraction situated between the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve & the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. There’re 4 diverse climate-controlled butterfly gardens, a biodiversity center, a medical plant garden, and a leaf-cutter ant terrarium. There’re over fifty species of butterflies from diverse regions & ecosystems in Costa Rica. The garden also provides a volunteer program for the tourists that are seeking a more realistic experience with the butterflies.

Appreciate the orchids:

There’re more than 1,400 orchid species growing in Costa Rica, and five hundred of those species can be discovered in Monteverde alone. The Monteverde Orchid House boasts 426 species of orchids growing & on display. Tourists can opt for a 30-60 minute voyage through the gardens & learn about the diverse species, where they’re from, how they’re cultivated, and how to grow your own at home. Discovering yourself surrounded by so many splendid orchids is something really special & memorable.

Ride through the cloud forest:

vThough no reserves in Monteverde allow horseback riding, there’re so many fantastic trails & tours within the cloud forest that fall outside of the secluded reserves. This is a temperate & serene way to explore the green mountain forests while seeing all sorts of wildlife & plantlife Costa Rica has to offer.

Visit the forest at night:

Nearly 80% of the animals found in Monteverde are nocturnal. Due to this, a cloud forest night walk is a wonderful way to explore the magnificent wildlife of the province. Exploring the forest this way gives an absolutely unique perspective. It’s likely that you’ll witness wildlife that you’ve never seen before.

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