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Located just north of Panama, Costa Rica is an ideal tourist destination for a family vacation. Take your family on an exciting flight through the jungle canopy on a zip line then off to the coast to get up close with nature. We can plan an itinerary that best meet your budget and timeline.  Browse our customizable packages to get started and let us create a Costa Rica family vacations that you’ll remember forever.





DAY 1 - Arrival to San José, Costa Rica

Our driver will wait for you outside the terminal to take you to your hotel in San Jose.

Overnight at Hotel Country Inn & Suites or similar – 2 Standard rooms

NOTE: Estimated driving time 30 Minutes

DAY 2 - San José – Poas Volcano – La Paz Waterfall – Doka Tour

(Breakfast, lunch) Today to get to the different attractions included during this excursion we will drive by the city of Alajuela passing by the Agriculture Monument, the Monument to Juan Santamaria and the famous Mango Park. As we ascend towards the Poás Volcano we will notice the change in temperature and vegetation; we will see coffee plantations as well as fern, flower and strawberry farms along the way, creating a beautiful landscape. On the way to the volcano we will visit Doka Coffee Estate for a delicious breakfast and a coffee tour, in an actual coffee plantation where we will learn about the ancient techniques used by the experts to produce one of the best coffees in Costa Rica. Learn about the careful process involved on the cultivation, harvesting and roasting of the Golden Bean. After the coffee tour we will continue to Poás Volcano where we will not only admire the impressive main crater with its sulfur fumaroles, but also learn about the different ecosystems in this beautiful national park. Following the visit to the volcano we will continue to La Paz Water Fall Garden for lunch and tour. On arrival to the La Paz, we will walk through a trail, leading to a spectacular waterfall in the middle of the rainforest. Inside the park we will also visit the hummingbird gallery, the serpentarium, the bird house, the butterfly garden and the frog’s exhibit.

Overnight at Hotel Country Inn & Suites or similar – 2 Standard rooms

DAY 3 - San Jose – Tortuguero

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner) Early in the morning you will depart to your Tortuguero, breakfast will take place in a local restaurant along the way after 1 hour on the road. Once you reach the small port of Matina/Caño Blanco, the tour continues by boat first on the river and then through the canals that run parallel to the coast until Tortuguero National Park, providing an excellent chance to take a close look of wildlife. Enjoy a delicious lunch at the lodge in Tortuguero. In the afternoon, visit the Tortuguero village, which lies in the northeastern corner of the park, on a thin strip of land between the sea and the main canal where the laid-back style, the reggae roots music and the local people combines in this colorful village. At night dinner will be served in the main restaurant of the lodge and there will be free time to enjoy the facilities. Late at night enjoy a special turtle sightseeing tour (relevant only on month of August).

Overnight at Hotel Turtle Beach Lodge or similar – Standard rooms

NOTE: Boat transportation on shared basis. Estimated driving time 6 hours (including breakfast stop and boat ride) Maximum load per person: 13kg

DAY 4 - Tortuguero - National Park

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner) After breakfast and depending on the weather conditions, there will be a guided jungle walk to the forest or a boat tour through the Tortuguero canals, the lunch will be served at the lodge. In the afternoon enjoy a walk along the hotels’ private trails, or ride a boat through secondary canals. The park is formed by a navigable network of lakes and canals with a large variety of wildlife, including monkeys, crocodiles, iguanas, sloths, turtles and more than 300 species of birds. Dinner will be served at the lodge.

Overnight at Hotel Turtle Beach Lodge or similar – Standard rooms

DAY 5 - Tortuguero – Puerto Viejo

(Breakfast, lunch) After breakfast we will leave the Caribbean towards Guápiles. At 13:00 the car rent representative will deliver your car and you will drive to Puerto Viejo area, as throughout the southern Caribbean coast, the Afro-Caribbean presence is strong here, the locals sometimes refer to the town by its patois name ‘Walaba,’ and coconut-scented odors and reggae music emanate from the doorways.

Overnight at Hotel Cariblue or similar – Jungle House

NOTE: boat transportation on shared basis 1.5 hours

Estimated driving time 4 hours

DAY 6 - Puerto Viejo – Cahuita Snorkeling – National Park

(Breakfast) A day for snorkeling and exploring the Cahuita National Park which has the largest system of coral reefs in Costa Rica, including 6 species of corals, a wide range of colorful tropical fish and occasional encounter with a harmless reef shark or sting ray. The tour starts with a scenic 20 minutes boat ride for two snorkeling sessions. Then drop off at the Punta Uva to enjoy a break at the beach. Later, guided hike for an hour in this wonderful coastal forest. See animals – the howler monkey, sloth, snakes, iguanas, common raccoon, white-nosed coati, several species of swamp forest birds, poison dart frogs and more.

Overnight at Hotel Cariblue or similar – Jungle House

DAY 7 - Puerto Viejo

(Breakfast) Today you have a free day to enjoy the beach and the hotel facilities. You may also visit Manzanillo Beach .

Overnight at Hotel Cariblue or similar – Jungle House

DAY 8 - Puerto Viejo – Lands in Love

(Breakfast) Today After the breakfast you will drive to Lands in Love, hotel & resort and adventure center, right in the center of a cloud forest. The region possesses beautiful and varied scenery; this land stays green and humid all year round.

Overnight at Lands in Love – Hotel & resort – 2 Standard rooms

NOTE: Estimated driving time 6 hours (including breakfast stop and boat ride)

DAY 9 - Lands in love – Canyoning - Rafting in la Balsa Class V

(Breakfast) Today you will enjoy the experience of Canyoning at cloud forest reserve. An easy hike of 10 minutes will lead to the starting point where your guide will brief you on equipment and safety procedures- you will then zip line to the first platform and rappel 6 meters into the canyon. After a 50 m walk, you will cross a suspended bridge. Followed by a 51 meter rappel into the falls, then another 3 at altitudes of 10, 14, and 18 meters. The tour continues to the “Super Tarzan Swing”. Later a ride back to the starting point. Task is to keep the cloud forest where you can enjoy the colorful diversity of nature, huge trees, vegetation, wildlife, birds and more. Later enjoy the amazing unexplored world of tropical rafting wilderness in a deep canyon with waterfalls, exotic animals, tropical birds and plenty of whitewater. Hopefully you’ll get to see lots of wildlife like monkeys, sloths and tropical birds such as ospreys, oropéndolas and toucans. This unique river trip is the best way to combine adventure and nature.

Overnight at Lands in Love – Hotel & resort – 2 Standard rooms

DAY 10 - Lands in Love – Horseback Riding - Combo Canopy

(Breakfast) Today the adventure begins with the Lands in love Horseback riding – Discover the wonderful world of wildlife and vegetation, amazing canyon, the Balsa River, hidden lake and the Cacique Mountain with its magnificent view. Later begin with the Combo canopy tour, where you will see the forest from the top of the trees – more than 500 acres of forest with amazing view 8 cables, 11 platforms, 3 trails, 1 hanging bridge, and 1 Tarzan swing – total of 845m. Then adventure cables – 3 twin cables for partner’s experience, longest cable of 750m (which you can do in Superman style for extra cost), steel towers, hanging bridge, high velocity of 80 km per hour, 150m above the hidden valley

Overnight at Lands in Love – Hotel & resort – 2 Standard rooms

DAY 11 - Lands in love, Arenal, Hanging Bridges, Fortuna Waterfall, Arenal Hike, Hot Springs

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) Today early in the morning go to Arenal area which is located in the northern part of the Alajuela province, close to the Nicaraguan border. This region possesses beautiful and varied scenery. Refreshed by gentle tropical rains, this land stays green and humid almost all year round. The lowlands host gushing rivers, hot springs, lagoons, remote national parks, and plentiful wildlife. Once there start in a 3 km hiking trip through the tropical humid forest. Pass 15 bridges from 5 to 100 meters long and up to 60 meters high: spectacular scenery of birds, reptiles, mammals and insects. Next stop is La Fortuna Waterfall with the huge swimming hole and the large rocks nearby. After swimming – lunch in town. Continue with this tour to the volcano: hiking through the forest to get to places lava used to flow, plants, wildlife and Arenal Lake. See where once glowing rocks of lava tumbled down of the mountain. In the end of the day enjoy the thermal water of Baldi resort for a few hours and dinner there.

Overnight at Hotel Montaña de Fuego or similar –1 Standard Family room

NOTE: Estimated driving time 1 hour

DAY 12 - Arenal – Caño Negro

(Breakfast, Lunch) Today enjoy the Caño Negro wildlife refuge; this refuge is considered as one of the richest sites of bird watching in the continent and many other animals such as: monkeys, sloths, caimans, lizards, bats and a variety of native flora of the wet land. 3 hours from Los Chiles (a rustic town 5 km from the border of Nicaragua) to Río Frío. A professional guide will explain about the plantations flora and fauna of the region . On the way visit the Iguana tree.

Overnight at Hotel Montaña de Fuego or similar –1 Standard Family room

DAY 13 - Arenal - Monteverde – Night Tour

(Breakfast) After breakfast depart towards Santa Elena & Monteverde area. Breathtaking views of the Gulf of Nicoya and the islands below will accompany you as you ascend the hill to Monteverde and Santa Elena. An upward road leads to this forest-covered site whose name, which means “Green Mountain”, is most appropriate to introduce visitors to the wildlife sanctuary it preserves. The community, secluded on a 1400 meter-high (4594 ft) plateau, was founded in 1951 by a group of North American Quakers. Although some of the original virgin forest was cleared for dairy farming, the founders’ environmental consciousness, together with help from private organizations, led to the creation of a biological preserve that hosts one of the richest ecological systems in the country. At the night time enjoy this Night Tour, you will walk the cloud forest trails surrounded by thick jungle where you can observe sleeping birds, tarantulas, spiders, grasshoppers, crickets, lizards, frogs, sloths, porcupines, white nose coatis, olingos, kinkajous, snakes and more.

Overnight at Hotel Monteverde Country Lodge or similar – 2 Superior rooms

NOTE: Estimated driving time 4 hours

DAY 14 - Monteverde – Sky Walk, Tram – Frog pond & Butterfly Garden

(Breakfast) Today half way between the town of Santa Elena and the Santa Elena Preserve the Sky Walk is located: This complex uses suspension bridges within the trails for a more tranquil introduction of the flora and fauna of the forest canopy, constructed within the cloud forest. It allows a vision of the forest from a different perspective which starts with a walk on the ground taking you up to explore the treetops, a breathtaking and exhilarating view of this amazing habitat, called the “canopy” with a naturalist guide. The slow-paced Sky Tram gondolas soar smoothly through the cloud forest, offering endless views during their mountainous ascent. Accompanied by a bilingual guide, tour participants will be able to stop the tram at any point, a feature that allows for magnificent, one-of-a-kind photographs to be captured and tropical birds to be spotted. Later enjoy an exhibition of frogs and butterflies: Walk with a guide and learn about species that are unique to the tropics of Costa Rica. Come see over 40 species of butterflies and 30 species of frogs, among them extraordinary ones, such as colorful Poison Arrow Frog, the very large Marine Toad and the famous Red Eyed Tree Frog.

Overnight at Hotel Monteverde Country Lodge or similar – 2 Superior rooms

DAY 15 - Monteverde – Santa Teresa

(Breakfast) Today you’ll drive to Santa Teresa area; Santa Teresa is a beautiful beach town that is equally a tropical paradise as well as a multicultural hotspot. Called by Forbes magazine Costa Rica’s most popular beach, the town has a mixture of high-end shopping, dining, and nightlife opportunities combined with Costa Rican flavor.

Overnight at Hotel Manala or similar – 2 Standard rooms

Note: Estimated driving time 3.5 Hours

DAY 16 - Santa Teresa

(Breakfast) Free day to enjoy the beach and the hotel facilities

Overnight at Hotel Manala or similar – 2 Standard rooms

DAY 17 - Santa Teresa - Manuel Antonio – Crocodile Tour

(Breakfast) Today after breakfast drive to the central pacific coast where Manuel Antonio is located. Manuel Antonio is undoubtedly one of the most luxuriant locations in Costa Rica, with spectacular white-grey sandy beaches fringed by thickly forested green hills. On the way you will enjoy the crocodile tour, the adventure takes place on the Tárcoles River, one of four rivers flowing out into the Nicoya Peninsula, and home to one of the world’s largest crocodile populations in the wild with individuals up to fifteen feet long. In addition to the crocodiles, over fifty different kinds of birds can be seen on site, including the very rare scarlet macaw and a great variety of resident and migrant waterfowl. Iguanas and Jesus Cristo lizards are very common as well. Our bilingual tourist guide offers expert orientation about the crocodiles and other associated wildlife. On the way downstream, the boat heads along the Estero Guacalillo, a most awesome mangrove ecosystem that features four different species of mangrove trees.

Overnight at Hotel Casitas Eclipse or similar – 1 Casita

NOTE: Estimated driving time 4 hours not including the tour

DAY 18 - Manuel Antonio – Catamaran

(Breakfast, Lunch) Today your ‘Catamaran Island Adventure’ will begin at Quepos harbor. You will head toward the horizon, cruising through the aquamarine waters toward the spectacular and scenic coastline of Manuel Antonio Park. Soon you will be in open water and on the lookout for spotted dolphins, migrating humpback whales, sea turtles and manta rays. You will be captivated by the sight of dolphins frolicking in the boat’s wake, or the inimitable sound of a whale’s song. As you make our way down the coastline of the park, the mysterious islands, jagged cliffs and unique rock formations will look almost close enough to reach out and touch. These are the nesting grounds and home for numerous species of marine birds, including pelicans, boobies and ibises. After touring the coastline, you will anchor in a protected cove within the pristine Biesanz Bay for snorkeling.

Overnight at Hotel Casitas Eclipse or similar – 1 Casita

DAY 19 - Manuel Antonio – National Park – Rafa Tour

(Breakfast) Today get ready for the most amazing and unique experience that you ever had in your life watching and feeding monkeys with an extraordinary guide in Damas Island locally called “El papa de los monos” (The monkey’s father). After the Monkey’s tour you will enjoy the spectacular natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere of the Manuel Antonio Park, which preserves not only beautiful beaches and the unique formation of Punta Cathedral, but also mangroves, a setting of islands offshore, and a humid tropical forest. The park has four beaches, each with its special characteristics. You will follow a professional guide through one of Costa Rica’s most famous National Parks that gathers numerous species of butterflies, monkeys, raccoons, coatis, agoutis, two – toed sloths, snakes, orchids, etc.

Overnight at Hotel Casitas Eclipse or similar – 1 Casita

DAY 20 - Departure to the International Airport

(Breakfast) According to your international flight, departure schedule drive from Manuel Antonio to the international airport and droop off the car over there.

NOTE: Please notice that check in for international flights must be done three hours prior departure. Estimated driving time 3.5 Hours



  • Accommodation and meals
    • 2 nights at Hotel Country Inn & Suite – 2 Standard rooms
    • 2 nights at Hotel Turtle Beach Lodge – 1 Standard room
    • 3 nights at Hotel Cariblue – 1 Jungle house
    • 3 nights at Hotel Lands in Love – 2 Standard rooms
    • 2 nights at Hotel Montaña de Fuego – 1 Standard Family room
    • 2 nights at Hotel Monteverde Country lodge – 2 Superior rooms
    • 2 nights at Hotel Manala – 2 Standard rooms
    • 3 nights at Hotel Casitas Eclipse – 1 Casita
    • Meals as specified in the program
  • Transportation (Private and Share Transportation) (Car Rent)
    • Private transportation from Airport – San Jose on day 1
    • Private Guide & Driver for full day in Poas on day 2
    • Shared transportation San Jose – Tortuguero on day 3 (bus & boat)
    • Shared transportation Tortuguero – Guapiles on day 5 (boat)
    • Car rent – Toyota Prado 7, Full Insurance, zero deduction, extra driver from day 5 till 20
    • Private Guide Services on day 11 to full day in Arenal
  • Tours & Tours Packages – Guides and Transportation

    Up to 15 people per tour (on rare occasions might be more)

    • Poas volcano
    • La Paz waterfall
    • Doka Tour
    • Tortuguero national Park
    • Cahuita National park & Snorkelling
    • Lands in Love Canyoning Lands in Love
    • Rafting in la Balsa River Lands in Love (Level 4)
    • Lands in Love Combo Canopy
    • Lands in Love Horseback
    • Arenal Hanging Bridges
    • Fortuna Waterfall
    • Arenal Volcano Hike
    • Baldi Hot Springs
    • Caño Negro
    • Monteverde Night Tour
    • Sky Walk & Tram
    • Frog Pond & butterfly Garden
    • Crocodile Tour
    • Catamaran
    • Rafa Tour
    • Manuel Antonio National Park


  • Personal expenses & tips
  • Optional tours and activities
  • Food and beverages which are not mentioned above
  • Departure taxes ($29.00 per person at the time of quote)

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