Wildlife and animals of Costa Rica

What animals will I see when I visit Costas Rica ? This is a very popular and frequent question, but one that is hard to answer, since it depends on where you will go and what parks or nature regions you will visit. Monkeys for example are quite abundant and popular, especially the howler monkeys in Guanacaste and pretty much all over the country, or the White Faced monkey in Manuel Antonio and in the Osa Peninsula. Crocodiles can easily bee see in the Tarcoles River, where they are very abundant, and also along rivers by boat, including Tortuguero, Tempisque and Terraba –Sierpe. Birds are very abundant, with more than 850 species nationwide. Insects are also abundant all over the country. Particularly interesting are the leave cutter ants, which have colonies in excess of 2 million individuals. As far as mammals, if very lucky, you will see the mighty Jaguar and the Tapir, or the smaller Puma, Ocelot or Margay. Species that are more common include the medium sized anteater, the Coati Mundi, the Racoons, Titi Monkey, Spider Monkey, Howler and Capuccin Monkeys, deer, peccary, Jaguarundi . There are the anteaters, sloths and tamanduas, the Armadillos, many rodents like the Suirrels, Guatusa and Tepezquintle, Fish otter, Coyotes and Oppossums. Along the shores, whales and dolphins can be seen in certain areas as well. The wildlife species in Costa Rica make up 5 % of the world`s total, in a tiny territory, this makes Costa Rica the country with the largest biodiversity on earth.


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