5 Best Reasons to Book Costa Rica Travel Packages


A Roman philosopher Seneca said, “Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” Partially, he’s right. Travel is something that reinvigorates, restores and expands not just the mind, but the body and sense. If you are on a quest to maintain a work-life balance, Costa Rica travel packages can be the better way to accomplish your goal. Here are a few reasons why booking Costa Rica vacation packages make sense:

The Best Reasons to Book Costa Rica Vacation Packages

1. Costa Rica is the birthplace of zip-lining.

Taking zip lining allows you soar through treetops, jungle canopy and cloud forest protected ecosystems showcasing some of the best biodiversity around the world. It may be now famous all around the globe, but you should come here and know why Costa Rica is where it all started.

Whether you want to explore Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve or zip-lining over a waterfall near the coast, you will get up close to toucans and parrots. The vibrant colors blur by as you start focusing on all the life around you. The phrase Pura Vida – pure life takes on new dimensions from the zip lining perspective.

2. Costa Rica has 1,100 miles of spectacular coastline.

Are you looking for a beach? Try to choose your color – miles of sugar white beaches to launch your surfing adventures, unspoiled stretches of volcanic black waiting for your footprints. The coral pink, inviting horseback riding adventures are just waiting for you.

There are miles of beaches touching two oceans – the Caribbean and Pacific – located just a few hours’ drives from each other. Playa Conchal, Playa Tamarindo, and Punta Uva are waiting to be discovered – come and find your go-to beach in Costa Rica.

3. Costa Rica has exciting and fun things to do.

Are you on a quest for coffee? Want to feel the mist? However, the volcanic terrain with tropical sun and rain – it doesn’t get much better conditions for coffee plantations than in the Costa Rica highlands.

Are you seeking for surf sessions? Playa Tamarindo, Dominical is the syllables in the surfing world. Blessed with endless waves and perfect breaks, the surf session will leave you soaked.

Do you want to drive the rapids? The country’s rivers like Pacuare River offer some of the best white water rafting adventures throughout Central America. No matter whatever the season – wet tropical summer or refreshing winter, there’s always something to keep you busy in Costa Rica.

4. Costa Rica has national parks and nature preserves.

Costa Rica has over a quarter of the entire space as national parks and protected nature preserves. Both visitors and locals get to reap the benefits. In addition to unadulterated and beautiful landscapes, you will see a squirrel, capuchin, spider monkeys, sloths, resplendent quetzal, etc. They all make their home in that green space.

5. Costa Rica has beautiful weather.

You know, Costa Rican weather is not too hot and too cold. Some many travelers have to put up with freezing or baking temperatures. The eternal spring means that whenever you want to get away, you get access to a place with ideal conditions: temperatures in San Jose – the Costa Rican capital range from the 60s to 80s all year long.

Final Consideration

Want to book Costa Rica vacation packages? If yes, then consider booking your vacation through Tour Operators CR. We specialize in providing custom-tailored Costa Rica travel packages best suiting client’s preferences and requirements.

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