Why Costa Rica Is The Go-To Destination For Family Outing


Parents that are looking for an international vacation, the Latin American country of Costa Rica is jam-packed with a family experience that’ll surely leave you spellbound. Here we have compiled a few reasons why every parent must consider Costa Rica when it comes to a memorable family vacation.

Activities for all ages:

Your kids can’t get the excuse to say “they’re bored”. There is so much to do in this country that you may find it hard to consider a particular activity. There’re sports like snorkeling, kayaking, SUP, sport fishing, ATV rides, whitewater rafting and hiking through rainforests and volcanoes.

Amazing flora & fauna:

Imagine waking up to the sounds of exotic birds and howler monkeys, and then plucking tropical fruits directly from a tree in the garden. With a half a million diverse animal and plant species, Costa Rica has the densest biodiversity in the globe. Also, Costa Rica ranks high for land conservation – over 25 percent of its province is preserved.

Most of Cost Rica’s national parks and rain forests have hikes for all ages. These easy trails offer fun activities for your kids who mayn’t be old enough to take part in some of the adventurous sports mentioned above.

Teach children regarding the environment:

Costa Rican puts great importance on saving the environment. In fact, it is one of the most eco-friendly places on the planet and is a foremost nation in the globe for ecotourism. The environment here offers you a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the nature & teach your children regarding the impact they’ve. There’re also museums and workshops where you can learn more regarding the environment.


Costa Rica’s splendid culture has made it one of the top family friendly destinations in the world. The residents of this country are quite friendly & kind in nature. They really love children and family life is very important to them. For example, Sundays are usually dedicated to spending time with family. If you head to one of the beaches on a Sunday, you’re guaranteed to see families barbequing or playing soccer on the beach. Family life is deeply involved in the Cost Rican culture, so it is unnecessary to say Costa Rica is one of the best places for family outing.

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