Understanding the Best Things to Do in Costa Rica


Are you ready to find your Pura Vida? This Costa Rican slogan means Pure Life. It beckons all who visit to make the most the time for whatever makes them the happiest. For some, it’s the ultimate thrill of a volcano zip line for others a relaxing beach. The right way to find yours is to try out all of the best things to do in Costa Rica.

Here are some of the best things to do in Costa Rica that deserves a visit at least once in a lifetime:

  1. Connecting with your eco side

Arguably Costa Rica is the world’s premier ecotourism destination with approximately 6% of the plant and animal species throughout the world. Around 27% of the country’s landmass is dedicated to national parks and reserves. The tourism industry has a sustainable ethos from beautiful eco-lodges, eco-friendly tours, and schemes that help you offset the carbon you used to get there.

  1. Becoming a lava enthusiast

Costa Rica stands out as the home to plentiful impressive volcanoes including a handful array of active ones. Arenal Volcano and the surrounding national park is the most popular offering amazing opportunities for hiking.

You will consider going on a trek on a lava flow with level trails around the volcano base that is ideal for mountain biking adventures. There is also a good opportunity of seeing parrots, toucans, and tanagers.

Perfectly positioned for volcano photos, Lake Arena is actually an artificial lagoon created when a smaller lake was dammed to generate enough electricity. Other sightseeing attractions include the beautiful La Fortuna Waterfall located southwest of La Fortuna.

  1. Celebrating slothfulness 

It’s true that jaguars are elusive and slinky. The red-eyed tree frog leaves quite an impression, but the real wildlife superstar of Costa Rica is the sloth species.

The country boasts two sloth species like the two fingered and the three-fingered sloth. They are strictly vegetarian and the three-fingered sloth is actually choosy about what it eats. They eat around 96 plant species, but every individual will have five or six of its personal favorite plants to eat.

The two-fingered sloth is more active than its cousin and is generally in size. They can move quickly when required and incredibly amazing swimmers. It’s quite uncommon for sloths to lose their grip and fall from the rainforest canopy into the rivers below.

  1. Getting your head out of the clouds in Monteverde 

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve comprises six ecological zones – 90% of them are virgin forests. You can combine its rich biodiversity with its high concentration of local ecologists and biologists. You can get a heady mix ripe for educational tourism opportunities.

  1. Humming along with the local bird species 

Costa Rica is one of the best places around the world to get up close and personal along with hummingbird species. To date, there have been around 57 species available in the country. In Monteverde, you will spot 15-20 species in hummingbird gardens.

Costa Rica is the right place to spot toucans. Out of the 42 toucan species, six types are found in rainforests and also the lowlands of Costa Rica.

Final Consideration 

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