Tropical Biology in Carara, pure ecotourism


The Carara National Park is the place for anyone who is  interested in the study of the tropical biology.

The conservation area has a very particular feature, this is the transition zone between the dry forest of the North and the rainforest of South.


It can be said that no other wild area of the country protects resources of plants and animals in this bioclimatic region.

Carara is a biological island because of the intense use of farming in the area, that goes back to the pre-Columbian time. In addition, the forest and wild resources have been nearly destroyed in the Central Pacific Region of the country. So, Carara is a forced refuge and a true “island” of forests for the wildlife displaced by the human activities.

The Park was created to facilitate research and scientific studies, as well as to promote environmental education. This wilde area is considered an excellent living laboratory, where one can study the structure and functioning of tropical ecosystems and the relationships between them.

Many endangered species live and breed here, such as the American Crocodile and the Purple Heart Tree. Carara is also considered  to be a sanctuary for the beautiful macaw.

The word “Carara” is derived from an indigenous term that means a River full of crocodiles.

The best way to enjoy this park is to visit it with a guide, which you can organize from Puntarenas or San José. March and April are the ideal months to visit this park since there is very little rain, while repellent and long pants are a must to avoid the bites of many insects. There is a visitors center in the Park, as well as rooms of exhibitions and an auditorium.

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