Top 3 Costa Rica Experiences That You Shouldn’t Miss Out


With remarkably varied landscapes, plenty of heart-pumping adventures and culture renowned for their relaxed vibe, Costa Rica offers the ideal outdoor playing ground for those looking to let loose their inner explorer. Although Costa Rica provides several unique activities, there’re a few typical experiences that confine the true spirit of the nation and deserves a place in your Costa Rica classic tour package.

Observe a sloth in the wilderness:

The pleasure of seeing these beautiful & fuzzy animals in their habitat can give you an experience like never before. First, they are tough to get a glimpse of since they mask incredibly well and they are so darn lovable. With a childish smirk displayed on their face, a small bear-like look & very slow movements, sloths are perhaps the animals that people wish to see the most in Costa Rica.

Take a canopy tour to fly over the forest:

If you have a dream to explore Costa Rica from a bird’s eye view, Go zip lining! Popular for their canopy excursion, ziplining in Costa Rica is a unique experience since there’re so many in the country. Tourists can Zipline over waterfalls and rivers and through trees, but the majority of the travelers like the rainforest and cloud forest canopy trips.

The best places where you can fly over the forests are in Monteverde and Arenal. If there is anyone activity tourists must do while in Costa Rica, it is ziplining. Nothings show you the best side of Costa Rica than tying yourself to cables & flying 300ft on top of the ground.

Explore the rainforest & beach in one trip:

The small dimension of Costa Rica makes it considerably simple to tour from one destination to the other so tourists can relish several contrasting landscapes & climates in one visit. The ideal way to experience Costa Rica as much as feasible is to tour diverse places & you can accomplish it inside 2-3hours of driving.

The rainforest is just three hours driving from the beach and the city, and also the cloud forest. The tradition of the Caribbean is unique & is a short flight away from the city. Explore dry tropical forest one day & tropical rain forest the next day. If you go down to the South Pacific, tour a beach enclosed by mountains and lush rainforests.

These experiences will make your trip to Costa Rica memorable, leaving treasured memories for lifelong. Don’t hesitate to check out Costa Rica classic tour packages offered by Tour Operators Costa Rica. We make sure you get the best experience in the country. For more information about our classic Costa Rica tour packages, feel free to check out

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