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The Costa Rica hot springs tours we offer at Tour Operators CR are the ultimate way to attain relaxation and rejuvenation. And it is an undeniable fact! Another fact that makes hot springs in Costa Rica popular is that for more than 200 years the mineral-laden waters of these hot springs have been used for therapeutic reasons. If you have any kind of aches or pain then you will get a great relief over here. Even if you do not have any pain or ache you can simply visit the hot springs for enjoyment!

How these hot springs are formed?

These hot springs are formed when the magma or lava from the volcanoes creates relatively shallow depths below the surface of the Earth and the ground water penetrates downward and gets heated up by getting in contact with the hot rock. And the water that returns to the surface is collected into the pools forming hot springs.

What makes these hot springs even more alluring is the tropical beauty surrounding it! There are a number of hot spring locations in Costa Rica that offer delight to guests in the truest sense. And every location has its own specialty and a specific ambiance.

If you want to get the best relaxation in Mother Nature’s lap then the hot springs nearby the Arenal Volcano is the best place for you. Although the volcano is currently inactive still the magma gets in touch with the groundwater and keeps the natural thermal pools warm. Also, there is a lot more things to do and see around Arenal which offers great opportunities to the guests for enjoying the heat. We have shortlisted some of the most popular Arenal Hot Springsin Costa Rica for you below!

The Springs Resort Hot Springs

At the Springs Resort their freeform, landscaped pools provide travelersa great view of the volcano and a multiple number of options. The resort has separated its hot springs in two different sections:

Las Lagunas (The Lagoons)–This area encompasses two acres of lush landscape with a collection of multi-level sun and shade terraces that surround twelve pools. Out of these twelve pools, eight are fed directly by the water pumped from hot mineral springs and the other four are chlorinated and heated to various temperatures through a heat exchange system.

Perdido Springs (Lost Springs) – Located within a forest canyon which is just 100 meter walk from the lowest level of Las Lagunas pools, Perdido Springs is a connected system of trails and seven spring fed pools. Here the guests can enjoy watching the different species of flowering Heliconias along with the stunning rainforest trees, plants and vines. Also you can find a small jungle bar in the center of these pools called Los Perdidos which means The Lost Ones along with a water flume known as Monkey Slide.

EcoTermales Hot Springs

Are you on a romantic escapade in Costa Rica? Then you can make your trip a perfect one with a trip to the EcoTermales hot springs. The family owned and operated hot springs spot is a therapeutic natural spa and each visitor can find the perfect spot in the middle of the rainforest for enjoying thermal rejuvenation. EcoTermales is not just known for the thermal mineral pools but there is much more that makes it a perfect spot for romantic couples as well as other travelers. You can explore hundreds of yards of trails through the rainforest, watch local wildlife, visit elegant lounge, enjoy the delicious and authentic home style cooked Costa Rican food and much more.

Tabacon Thermal Resort Hot Springs

If you seek romance, privacy and intimacy altogether then Tabacon Thermal resort is the best option for you among the other Arenal hot springs! This resort is ecofriendly and carbon neutral and is the only in the area that is completely natural in regards to hot springs where there is no usage of pumps, mechanical systems or any re-heating of water done. The underground Tabacon River flows through the grounds and breaks the surface at multiple locations providing fresh running water and natural circulation for all the pools. And the Shangri-La Gardens is specially meant for adults offering an intimate and romantic experience which is not far from the Grand Spa.

Besides the Arenal hot springs there are Guanacaste hot springs as well that offer a great comfort to the travelers looking for relaxation.

Rio Perdido Hotel & Thermal River

Spend your day swimming in the lavish, fully natural hot springs, along a mile of thermal gorge that cuts right through the spectacular, 600-acre reserve at the Rio Perdido Hotel &Thermal River. You can also enjoy zip-lining, mountain biking and explore the hiking trails of the preserve or just lounge by the pool. The hot springs are heated up naturally by Miravalles Volcano. Also you can find dozens of pools at varying temperatures where you can relax and enjoy nature to the fullest. Rio Perdido Hotel also provides massage treatments of different kinds and their signature mud body painting treatment with mineral rich soil from the river.

Rio Negro Hot Springs

Situated within the Rincon de la Vieja National Park, the Rio Negro hot springs are naturally heated by the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano which is the largest volcano in the Guanacaste region. You can find around 10 natural spring pools that are accessible by hanging bridges.

We at Tour Operators CR makes sure that you have the best time in Costa Rica and hence provide you with Costa Rica hot springs tours that provide you utmost relaxation and rejuvenation. We believe Costa Rican tours are the best ways to forget all worries and just relax. So if you wish to take our Costa Rica hot springs tour then contact us today at +1-408-212-0995 or you can also write to us at [email protected]

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