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San Jose is situated in the heart of Costa Rica and is one of the most diverse provinces in Costa Rica because of its dense urban capital city – downtown San Jose. Boasting pleasurable and mild climate conditions, San Jose is the populated area of the country that welcomes visitors wholeheartedly.

Chances are that San Jose may not be on your bucket list when you plan for Costa Rica vacation. But take a look at the things to do in San Jose, Costa Rica and you will be amazed at the end for sure. It’s true that San Jose affectionately known as “Chepe” doesn’t impress you at first.

But it’s well worth going deeper to uncover the city’s charms. Well-known as a paradise for Costa Rica volcanoes and cloud forests, the vibrant city of San Jose is much more than just a stop to get relaxed. There’s a huge availability of the best places to visit in San Jose, Costa Rica. Please check out this post and know about things to do in San Jose Costa Rica:

San Jose stands out as the home to several museums that will give you a better sense of the history and culture in Costa Rica. When talking about museums, the sunshine yellow National Museum of Costa Rica is a good place to get started. This museum offers you a great context of indigenous history and the effects of Spanish colonization.

After that, your next stop is Jade Museum, which is underrated; but worth a visit. You shouldn’t expect to see a collection of pretty jewelry pieces as this is more than what jade represents. Get ready to be surprised about the kind of cool things it can make.

Jade Museum is the home to extensive selection of pre-Columbian jade around the world and has four floors to discover the history of jade like a weapon, trading tool and adornment.

If you seek adventure, taking a rafting tour in the famous Pacuare River is sure to lift up your adrenalin spirit. You will enjoy spectacular rainforest scenery and riverside picnic lunch to make your rafting adventure from average to extraordinary.

For one-of-its vacation experience, you can head towards the Central Highlands and Poas Volcano, La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Doka Coffee Estate. After having breakfast at the scenic Doka Estate, take this chance to walk up and see the picturesque crater of Poas Volcano.

In fact, you will get to see too much cloud coverage and have exceptional experience of being atop a volcano. Additionally, you can stop at waterfalls and wildlife exhibits at the La Paz Waterfall Gardens. In addition to, there’s a great abundance of restaurants and historical sightseeing places to visit in San Jose Costa Rica.

If you need inspirations regarding things to do in San Jose Costa Rica, feel free to contact Tour Operators CR today. We will help you make right choices while narrowing down places to visit in San Jose Costa Rica. Call us now on +1-408-212-0995 and let’s get started!

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