Must-Do Activities On A Classic Costa Rica Tour


Every inch in Costa Rica is worth exploring, and if you are trying to decide how to spend your time here can be really overpowering. From mountains to beaches to volcanoes and national parks, there’re never-ending opportunities in Costa Rica for a memorable vacation. Here we have shortlisted 6 must-see attractions that a classic Costa Rica tour must feature.

Visit Monteverde to gaze at the beautiful cloud forest reserve:

This breezy mountain town is always sheltered in clouds which create an enthralling effect high in the mountains. Tourists come to Monteverde to walk through the network of beautiful trails at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Here one moment you’ll witness a huge gorge of trees stretching as far as your eyes can travel and another moment a chunky wave of clouds will sweep in, filling the gorge and obstructing your view. The regular movement of the clouds is simply mesmerizing & the panorama is unlike anything you’ll witness in the rest of Costa Rica.

Visit Manuel Antonio National Park to hike through its endless beauty:

Manuel Antonio National Park is a unique park that a lot of tourists fall in love with. Here hikers can discover different trails until they get full satisfaction. Those who’re not keen in hiking can pursue the main trail directly to the beach where an isolated stretch of sand rests quietly, unscathed by the eateries & local vendors that swarm the beaches just a few miles north. Whichever trails you prefer to hike, ensure to keep your eyes out for the rare white-faced monkeys that are renowned for greeting travelers.

See the lava lines at Arenal Volcano:

In Costa Rica, there’s much more than just the forests and beaches. The beautiful volcanoes that mark the nation are one of the premier attractions for so many travelers. While there’re so many volcanoes worth exploring in Costa Rica, there’re few as quaint as the Arenal Volcano. The stunning active volcano expanses high above the nearby flatland & boasts stark trails demonstrating where the lava streamed during the massive eruption in 1968. Bathe in some of the local hot springs to make your trip to Arenal really unforgettable.

In Tamarindo learn how to surf the waves:

Tamarindo is one of the most renowned beaches in Costa Rica that is worth exploring for a classic Costa Rica experience. While it surely does not provide the solitude like some other beaches, it certainly has the energy that you will not find elsewhere in the country. There is always something happening in Tamarindo – from pub crawls to ATV tours, you’ll have no problem finding activities every hour. Tamarindo is particularly renowned for surfers as the waves here are notoriously perfect & they’re simple enough for starters. Hence, this is the place to be in Costa Rica if you wish to learn how to surf.

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