Making Wonderful Experience on the Caribbean


From immersing in the beautiful mountain peaks, glittering reefs, to spectacular beaches, the Caribbean is dizzyingly diverse. For a wonderful Caribbean experience, you should start planning your next trip to Costa Rica and make the most out of it.

How Do You Make Memorable Caribbean Experience in Costa Rica?

Cahuita National Park

Costa Rica is famed for its biodiversity, national parks, and eco-tourism. Located in the Limon Province, Cahuita National Park is one of the most incredible national parks around the country.

When you’re seeking for Caribbean experience, experiencing the coral reefs is a must in Cahuita National Park. The marine area expanding over 22,300 ha is the nesting ground for sea turtles. That’s not all you’ll see there.

In fact, you will go for scuba-diving or snorkeling to explore the underwater world at the best in Cahuita National Park. Besides, the best months to be out in the water are from February to April.

It’s the perfect time to visit Costa Rica due to its temperate climate. The water you’ll see here is crystal blue and the white sandy beaches lined with palm trees are pristine. After all, it’s well-worth to be explored on the Caribbean!


Tortuguero is the focal point of the Caribbean coast that makes your Costa Rica vacation worthwhile. This sun-drenched region blessed with sparsely spaced coastal villages, offering a completely laid-back and much relaxing atmosphere.

Besides, the Tortuguero National park is the third-most visited national park in Costa Rica, accessed only by boat and air. It’s the home to the annual mass turtle nesting and a labyrinth of rivers and wildlife species.

Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo is a burgeoning party town and is a splendid destination for intrepid surfers. Bustling with amazing tourist activities, Puerto Viejo manages to retain its age-old charm. When visiting there, you will find yourself on a sleepy dirt road, savoring a spicy Caribbean stew in the company of local families.

In addition to, you will enjoy seeing rainforest fruits, cacao farms setting to a soundtrack of crackling birds, croaking frogs, and wide-open beaches where the daily itinerary revolves around snoozing and surfing. If you want to chill a little, party a little, and eat a little, look no further than Puerto Viejo!

Pacuare River

Dreaming about rafting on a wild tropical river with warm water? If yes, then the celadon-colored Pacuare River can be a dream come true destination for you.

Well-known as one of the top rivers around the world, the river offers the intimate natural experience of the rainforest while rafting through the 19 miles of Class III-IV whitewater. The warm water, cascading waterfalls, and opulently lush rainforest with strikingly colored plants, animals, and birds, will indulge your senses on every level for sure!


Want to explore these Costa Rican delights on your next vacation in the Caribbean? Book your Caribbean Experience tour package through Tour Operators CR and get the most out of the scenic nature!

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