30 Best Places to Visit in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is undoubtedly blessed with nature’s best gifts such as diverse landscapes and natural wonders that offer adventure, relaxation, romance as well as exploration. A country that is about one-third the size of England is packed with a lot of stuffs. From Manuel Antonio National Park, active volcanoes to stunning beaches, rainforests, breathtaking wildlifeand coffee plantations, these are the best things to do in Costa Rica which you must not miss!

Below are a few places to visit and things to do during your Costa Rican vacation.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Meeting point of lush rainforests and the white sands of the Pacific coast, Manuel Antonio National Park are filled with awe-inspiring wildlife such as monkeys playing in the treetops, lazy sloths and iguanas. All this you can experience closely by walking the rainforest trails or snorkeling in the pristine beaches.

Monteverde Cloud Forest

Abode to the beautiful quetzal bird and more than 450 species of orchid, the Monterverde cloud forest is wrapped in a damp mist keeping the foliage greener all year around. Here you can go for hiking trails, enjoy canopying, visit the nearby coffee and sugar plantations along with the small communities who make the most popular cheese of the country.

Arenal Volcano

An active conical volcano spilling out molten hot lava is a perfect thing to see in Costa Rica. But recently the volcanic activities have calmed down; still it smokes from time to time. Therefore, hiking the Arenal crater is banned as of now. But you can visit the Arenal National Park which is an adventurous playground. Here, you can go for canopying on the zip  wires, visit the hot springs and relax your body, take the hanging bridges in order to get as close as possible to the crater.

Tortuguero National Park

Accessible by boat or light aircraft only, Tortuguero National Park is tucked up in the north-eastern part of the country. The major attraction of this National Park is the endangered green turtles along with the hawksbill, loggerhead and leatherback varieties that come here to lay their eggs. It is truly magical sight to watch them dragging their massive forms up the beach by night. Also, witnessing the little hatchlings making their way into the water for the first time is an extremely charming view.

Apart from these places there are many other places to visit and things to do in Costa Rica that make it a once in a lifetime experience especially when you are with the best tour operator of Costa Rica like us, the Tour Operators CR. With us you will experience an easy, hassle free and relaxing Costa Rican vacation as we take care of your luxury accommodations, destinations choices and guides to give you a local feeling. So start planning your next Costa Rica vacations with us now! Call us at +1-408-212-0995 or email us at [email protected] to know more about our tour services.

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