Golfito is also ecotourism


Most tourists and Costa Ricans know Golfito as a special shopping center whre one can get better prices, but , this week it was announced that the Free Deposit of Golfito close its doors on September 30th 2016.

Located on the coast of the Golfo Dulce in the Pacific, Golfito Wildlife Refuge nearly surrounds the city of Golfito, and was created largely to protect the water supply of the community.
However, because it is bordered by the Piedras Blancas National Park in the north and partly of Osa Peninsula Conservation Area, travelers looking for  ecotourism, should make a stop at the refuge and experience its amazing diversity of wildlife.

The most interesting plant species that can be found in the shelter, is the Cyad, which resembles a palm tree and has been shown to have existed during the age of dinosaurs.

There are many trails along the Golfito Wildlife Refuge  which are excellent for hiking and viewing the  birds and the  animals The Radio Tower trail offers about five hours of walking.this trail  and the  Cocoa Beach trail, hold a spectacular views of the Golfo Dulce. Cocoa Beach trail is about two miles of hiking and can be extended to five miles.
For travelers who want to experience eco-tourism through camping, permits can be arranged at the nearest office of the National Ministry of Environment and Energy. The Golfito Wildlife Refuge is open daily from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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