Why Is Costa Rica The Best Place For A Jungle Journey Adventure?


Ever wondered why Costa Rica is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world? Despite its size, Costa Rica is famous for its magnificent blue, green beaches, national parks and wildlife biodiversity. Gracious, serene, and progressive, Costa Rica is one of the best tourist destinations in America. Almost a quarter of Costa Rica’s total area is swathed with national parks or many other conserved area that provides ample of opportunities to explore the land. If you are a nature lover, a jungle journey in Costa Rica is probably your best option to explore anything spectacular this land has to offer.

Explore Tortuguero National Park:

Also called the “Amazon of Costa Rica,” for its unique eco-system, this remote area is a place for real nature enjoyment. One of the main attractions of this park is turtle-watching tour that occurs during the night when turtles come back to their nests for laying their eggs. However, turtles are not the only species found in the park. It has incredible biological and natural variety, due to the existence of different habitats, including rainforest, swamps, beaches, and lagoons.

Within the national park, there are a variety of hotels including Turtle Beach Lodge, Mawamba Lodge, Pachira Lodge, Ilan-Ilan Hotel and Manatus Hotel. A stay at one of these hotels includes meals and lodging, but the national park entrance fee and guided tours, such as night turtle hatching tours, are an additional cost.

Corcovado National Park:

Costa Rica has long been a favorite among those seeking the ultimate adventure – and for travelers looking to take in some fantastic natural sights as well, Corcovado could be a particularly suitable destination. The national park is located on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula and is something of a nature lover’s dream – it is packed with all kinds of animals, as well as a host of gorgeous plants and trees.

Monteverde Cloud Forest:

Monteverde is a beautiful and breathtaking area that includes the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve. As the name suggests the forests are almost always surrounded by clouds. Monteverde is Spanish for green grass which is a fitting description of this lush green forested area of Costa Rica. Monteverde is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Costa Rica.

Planning a jungle journey in Costa Rica is not easy; as one of the world’s most bio-diverse nations; it is difficult to decide where exactly to go. This is where a tour operator like Tour Operators Costa Rica come to play. Visit our site now to know more about our Costa Rica jungle journey package.

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