Paradise in Limón


Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is located on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and a part of  the province of Limón and it  is a paradise for sea  lovers .


Within the exotic flora and fauna there hides a  seaside village with some wonderful beaches of crystal clear blue water and amazing opportunities for surfing. It quickly became one of the most  touristic  hotspots in Costa Rica. Also many international surfers from all over the world are coming to the famous Salsa Brava waves, making it the “most visited” site of this Caribbean village in Limón.


The old port with its unique charm was formerly a small and quiet hamlet of fishermen. It comes especially increasing its popularity with young people and is ranked as one of the most important destinations in the world for surfing.


The village has a variety of bars, discos and restaurants as well as hotels and lodges with very reasonable prices. Additionally, there are countless opportunities for excellent shopping.

Puerto Viejo has beaches of golden sand, tropical vegetation and many interesting attractions such as  the Cahuita National Park, Indian Reserve Talamanca and Wildlife Refuge Gandoca Manzanillo, the visit  of the old town of Talamanca is a great opportunity to experience the best of Costa Rica.

Salsa Brava beach of Puerto Viejo is famous for its fabulous beaches and is a paradise for the surfers. However, the water has very strong currents, so it is not recommended for swimming. This beach is for experienced surfers only.

In addition to surfing the visitors can also enjoy tours of horseback riding, snorkeling, diving, biking in the mountains, kayaking or boogie boarding. Puerto Viejo beaches are a great place to those who are  looking for a good time or simply retire to rest in the sun.

With a relaxing atmosphere and its combination of cultures, Latin, Afro – Caribbean and indigenous Bribri, Puerto Viejo becomes a lovely place to have fun and a relaxing holiday. The people are very friendly and all of this adds to the charm of the village.

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