Why does everybody say Costa Rica is the best place to live?

Costa Rica, the best place to live

Why does everybody say Costa Rica is the best place to live?

Costa Rica is a country of dramatic landscapes and beautiful natural settings. It is Costa Rica’s natural landscapes that make it an amazing place to live in. The Central American nation is more than just natural landscapes. There are an abundance of reasons to live in Costa Rica and many foreign nationals are now heading to the country to live.


So, why does everybody say Cosa Rica is the best place to live?


The Weather


Costa Rica has some of the best weather of any country in the Caribbean. Its location near the equator makes for warm weather year-round. Costa Rica doesn’t have winter nor does it have a true summer. The warm weather makes it a travel destination or place to live throughout the year.




The food of Costa Rica is exemplified by healthy produce that is grown locally. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish are sold at local markets and restaurants. Costa Rica doesn’t have the fast food lifestyle of the United States, Canada, and other nations where processed meals are chosen over fresh produce. In addition to the abundance of fresh, healthy foods, the prices are reasonable and are far cheaper than in many other countries.


Natural Landscapes


Costa Rica is a land of beauty. Volcanoes, beaches, rainforests, and mountains dot the country. It doesn’t take long to get into the countryside to explore the natural landscapes of Costa Rica. Whether you want to trek trails, mountain bike through rainforests or surf the glorious Caribbean beaches, Costa Rica is the land to live in.



Pura Vida


Pura vida is the Costa Rican lifestyle of living laidback. The pace in Costa Rica is slow which makes for a stress-free life. Pura vida is a strictly Costa Rican way of living that isn’t found in other countries in Central America. The lifestyle isn’t just laidback but warm and friendly as well.


Low cost of Living


Costa Rica is a highly affordable country that continues to be very livable for expats. Rent for high-quality accommodation is low and it is possible for expat couples to live on an estimated $2,000 per month. That includes rent as well. Depending on your lifestyle, you could live on much less than that figure. The cost of living does depend on your personal lifestyle, accommodation, and propensity to dine out.


Healthcare System


Costa Rica has been praised for its healthcare system which all residents are required to join. The cost of joining is as low as $75 a month. Like European countries with social medicine, the fee covers everything you need including visits to the doctor and prescription medicine.




The Central American country has been praised for its diversity of people and cultures that have combined to make it a melting pot. Costa Rica has been labeled as the Americas’ version of Switzerland with its diversity, international restaurants and bars make it an incredible place to live and work. The diversity means there is an expat community for foreign nationals to become a part of.


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