Top 5 Must-Visit National Parks

Reserves To Explore In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a magnificent land where all trails lead to awe-inspiring waterfalls, misty crater lakes or jungle-fringed, deserted beaches. Discovered by foot, kayak or horseback, Costa Rica is a must-visit tropical choose-your-own-adventure paradise. You might be in Costa Rica for years and never seen all, thanks to the dynamic and varied landscape of the country that makes visitors come here again and again. However, sightseeing attractions are plentiful as so much of the country is simply wild and full of breathtaking scenery that meant to be admired!


Aside from all the attractions, Costa Rica is considered as the home to several national parks. If you want to visit national parks in Costa Rica for your ultimate spirit of adventure, here are a few best picks that worth of your visit on vacation:


The Must-Visit National Parks & Reserves In Costa Rica –


  1. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve –


Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is quite different from the lowland tropical rain forest. The name cloud forest is due to the fact that forest is always shrouded in clouds as it’s located at the high altitude.  While visiting this forest reserve, you will walk through the clouds thousands of feet above the sea level. No matter what, you will able to embrace the misty atmosphere of Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve – which is considered as one of the most coveted destinations in Costa Rica. Brimming with a huge diversity of plant and animal species, there’s no question that Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is a nature lover’s paradise.


Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve


  1. Tortuguero National Park –


Tortuguero National Park – located on Costa Rica’s Northern Caribbean Coast is a famed destination for sea turtles that come to the area to nest. Attracting wildlife enthusiasts from around the globe, the national park continues to be a great paradise to explore in Costa Rica. However, the dense jungle maze of winding canals is reminiscent of the wild Amazon. Even, floating down the ominous brown waters is an adventure in itself as you are able to hear the howling of monkeys and exotic bird species along the way.


Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica


  1. Corcovado National Park –


Well-known as “the most biologically intense place on the planet” by National Geographic, Corcovado National Park is the largest national park in Costa Rica. Covered nearly half of the beautiful and uncovered Osa Peninsula, the national park contains one of the last remaining areas of lowland tropical rainforest around the world.


Corcovado National Park Costa Rica


  1. Arenal Volcano National Park


Arenal Volcano National Park is one of the well-recognized attractions around the country. Covering around 290 square miles, the conservation area is a popular destination for all types of travelers. Even, you will find several lodges, hotels in this area – catering to everything from natural hot spring delights to adventure travel. Besides, birdwatchers can definitely stop by as 850 species have been identified in Costa Rica.


Arenal Volcano by Steven Rodríguez


  1. Manuel Antonio National Park


Manuel Antonio National Park – the jewel of Costa Rica is the smallest park in the country but has some of the most appealing landscape that is found nowhere. This is why Manuel Antonio National Park is named among the most beautiful parks in the country in 2011 by the Forbes Magazine! When visiting this park, you will see white sand beaches nestled into coves, lush tropical forest along the edges, huge mountains rising up from the midst of the trees and much more. Besides, the fascinating and beautiful coral reefs are the ultimate dream of snorkelers from all around the world!


Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica




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