Top 10 Rich Celebrities Love to Visit Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a spectacular destination for the rich and famous. The tropical paradise is blessed with some of the magnificent destinations around the world. The main reasons why Central American country is a popular destination for celebrities, amazing flora and fauna, remote and breathtakingly beautiful beaches, some of the destinations that are so close to the continental US make it an easy decision for many.


It’s not surprising that the list of celebrities in Costa Rica is growing year after year. Here is our rundown of top celebrities visiting Costa Rica in recent years:


The Famous and Rich Celebrities Love to Visit Costa Rica


    1. Mel Gibson is one of the most popular expats here in Costa Rica. He was one of the first ones to buy a property in Costa Rica.


Mel Gibson


    1. Kim Kardashian has enjoyed the splendid white sand of the Four Seasons beach based on the Papagayo Peninsula.


Kim Kardashian


    1. Thor himself – Chris Hemsworth is an avid surfing enthusiast and hits the wave a lot, especially around Nicoya Peninsula.


Chris Hemsworth


    1. Bothers are alike. What does it mean? Liam Hemsworth enjoys Costa Rica along with Miley Cyrus.


Liam Hemsworth


    1. Beyonce – the Queen herself enjoyed a trip to Costa Rica and snapped at the La Fortuna Waterfall.




    1. Matt Damon spotted enjoying a traditional Imperial beer along with family and friends near Santa Teresa.


Matt Damon


    1. In 2015 well-known quarterback Tom Brady and his model wife Gisele Bundchen enjoyed a family getaway.


Tom Brady and Wife Gisele Bundchen


    1. The next sporting celebrity in Costa Rica is Rafael Nadal – who enjoyed the water sports in Papagayo Gulf.


Rafael Nadal


    1. The celebrity all the way from England, chef Jamie Oliver experienced the best food in Costa Rica.


Jamie Oliver


  1. Leonardo di Carpio did his best to stay hidden. He was spotted by the paparazzi here in Costa Rica.


Leonardo di Carpio


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