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Costa Rica is the home to the well-known Ollie’s Point and Witch’s rock. Both are word class breaks are considered to be every surfer’s dream. Their awesome waves and inaccessibility make them both favorite destinations for surfing enthusiasts of every kind.


Located in Santa Rosa National Park, the easiest and quickest way to experience the way to access these waves is through Ollie’s Point & Witch’s Rock surf trip. This practically guarantees unforgettable experiences to treasure forever. Playa Naranjo, situated in front of the legendary Witch’s Rock is a beautiful, kilometers long beach that is frequently accessed by wildlife species. Playa Potrero Grand or Ollie’s Point is located north of the other beaches and had its waves immortalized in the movie – Endless Summer II.


Ollie’s Point –


As a surfer, you might have heard Rincon Point located in Santa Barbara. Ollie’s is its tropical twin; however, you’re only surfing with your best buddies. It holds anywhere from 3-12 feet and any ordinary footer will never want to leave.


Located only thirty minutes away, the northern tip of Playa Potrero creates the best right-hander throughout Central America. Ollie’s Point is the sand bottom point break aligned with cobblestones on the shore that creates its right shape.


Off-shores are most consistent there; but if the occasional onshore flow comes into the bay, the wave just becomes perfect for airs. If there’s a swell in the water, this phenomenal right-hander will never disappoint at all.


Witch’s Rock –


Playa Naranjo comprises of two and a half miles of perfect, peaky and A-frames lining with its warm white sand. On the northern end of the beach, Roca Bruja is situated 300 feet above this paradise. This is Witch’s Rock and has become the main face of the iconic beach break that has swells for over 330 days of the year with perfect offshores from November to August.


After a beautiful twenty minute ride, you will arrive and choose your own peak that will offer some of the best barrels and fun-filled waves. Every tide works except for a dead low tide because of the walled out sections.


The fun-sized swells that remain 2-5 feet are perfect for peaks that can offer you with barrels and many turns. On larger swells, the river mouth directly in front of the Rock will hold anywhere between 8-12 feet and will align up like a left-hand point break. This wave can offer power; but also is very friendly and relaxing.


Witch’s Rock is a picture-perfect beach break and one of the best waves throughout the entire Costa Rican coast and the surrounding areas. You won’t want to get out of the water!


Booking Your Ollie’s Point & Witch’s Rock Surf Trip


Every paradise must have its own set of hidden gems. Hidden spots are all over and locals value their concealed perfection as well as make sure these spots remain like this. Most of the best waves in Costa Rica that remain unridden are secrets and there is an array of them. Giant slabs, outer reefs to epic point breaks are the spots to discover in Ollie’s Point and Witch’s Rock, Costa Rica.


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