Best Places to Stay in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is one of the most visited countries throughout Central America. Worldwide travelers have been flocking to this country over the year. It has become a hot spot for expats and retirees for its affordable living, amazing weather, spectacular beaches, and friendly locals.


If you’re planning for a vacation getaway, here are the best places to stay in Costa Rica that you can consider booking:


Puerto Viejo


Puerto Viejo is located on the Caribbean coast and is popular among young people as well as backpackers. Its popularity is due to picturesque beaches, surfs, and party atmosphere. This town is lively, and you will find something going on every night.


Probably, Puerto Viejo is the most popular destination on the Caribbean coast. There are so many peaceful places to stay in Costa Rica where you can enjoy tranquility and privacy.




Tortuguero means the Land of Turtles and is the Costa Rican version of the Amazon rainforest. It dominates the northern coast along with Tortuguero National Park expanding over 77,000 acres. This diverse area has a series of canals and rivers that crisscross the jungle.


The biggest draws to Tortuguero are the large numbers of turtles that come to nest along the shoreline. The best time to see the turtles nesting is in April and May. If you’re visiting there during off-season, you will be able to go for hiking. However, there is much wildlife to see year round.




The arena is one of Costa Rica’s volcanoes located at an elevation of 1,60 7m. It still erupts from time to time, and if you’re fortunate enough, you will get to see lava flowing down the volcano. This area has tons of beautiful places to visit, the impressive waterfall – La Fortuna, the national park with great hiking opportunities, sunset views over the lake, rafting options and famous hot springs. With the best places to stay in Costa Rica, it’s no wonder Arenal is one of the most visited places in the country.


Manuel Antonio


Manuel Antonio is a popular beach destination on the Pacific coast. It’s the wide white sand beaches, and warm blue waters are the attractions that worth visiting in Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio National Park is the home to great hiking trails, secluded beaches, and offers a chance to see three types of monkeys.




Monteverde is the premier cloud forest and the home to elusive quetzal bird species. Most people consider visiting there for seeing this rare bird species. Monteverde rests right on the continental divide and experiences unusual weather patterns and high winds.


The whole area is very wet and green. You can see them all on a zip lining adventure through the tree canopy or discover some of the sky brides in the area.


Santa Teresa


Santa Teresa is nothing more than a beach with a road aligned with surf shops, eateries and much more. Everyone gets up as early as possible to hit the waves; so the entire atmosphere in town is pretty relaxed. Santa Teresa is a beautiful place to lie on the beach, hang out with people and relax.


Bottom Line –


While everything in Costa Rica is a bit touristy and bit crowded, the diversity of wildlife, natural beauty, white sand beaches, sunsets, and warm, clear water make it worth the price. Plus the locals here are very welcoming and nice.


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