5 Ways to Experience

Eco-Tourism in Costa Rica Guided Tours

Costa Rica is a well-deserved hotspot for adrenaline-pumping adventurers – from zip-lining through jungle canopies to rappelling down waterfalls. If you want to try out something new and experience eco-tourism in Costa Rica guided tours, let us help you out:

  • Hike Coffee Plantation:Hiking alongcoffee plantationsin Costa Rica can allow you learn about Costa Rica’s 12 varieties of ecosystems. Coffee is one of the biggest exports in Costa Rica.


However, you will find coffee fields in most ecosystems below a 6,000-foot elevation – outside the bustling San Jose, in the famed Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and near the pristine beaches of the Pacific Coast.

  • Visit a Volcano:Arenal is one of the most active volcanoes around the world, stands over 5,000 feet high. If you love adventure, you can take a visit to Arenal Volcano on Costa Rica guided tours/


After all, Arenal Volcano is cloaked in thebio-diverse rainforest– you can enjoy exploring by foot on a wildlife tour.

  • Take a Zip-Line: Zip-lining is a must-do experience – especially for those who want to familiarize with Costa Rica’s famed biodiversity. Sling along the forest from platform to platform for a unique experience of seeing birds, insects, waterfalls, and lush vegetation.


While zip-lining, you will slide along a cable strung between a couple of trees or hillsides. There are diverse arrays of zip-lining opportunities available to enjoy on Costa Rica guided tours.

  • Indulge in Spa Treatment: Unwinding yourself after a long day adventure activities will be a way to learn about Costa Rica ecosystems. You can take spa sessions and wellness treatments like mud baths, massages, hot-spring soaks, and facials – powered by Costa Rica’s rich natural resources.


In addition to, you can choose body scrubs incorporating coffee beans and chocolate. However, the geothermal hot springs at Arenal Volcano draw bathers year-round and the mineral-rich volcanic mud is commonplace at hotel spas for use in facials and body wraps.

  • Book Eco-Tourism Hotels: From all-inclusive hotels to eco-tourism hotels, Costa Rica boasts an extensive range of properties to choose from – which will wow you with sustainability. Before booking any Costa Rica hotels, consider asking about the specific nature of tour offerings, sightseeing options, etc.Most hotels, resorts, lodges, and inns will be happy to tell you.


Conclusion: Do you plan a vacation in Costa Rica with family? If so, then book Costa Rica guided tours through Tour Operators CR and experience the best of what Costa Rica ecosystems have on offer.

Tour Operators CR specializes in providing guided tour itineraries and a huge variety of accommodation options to suit every budget. For latest updates and notifications on Costa Rica tours, please stay connected with Tour Operators CR on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram social networks.

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